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+# ContextRoot
+# By default FitNesse is started at http://localhost:<port>/. With the context
+# root parameter this can be changed to any root context.
+# E.g. http://localhost:port/fitnesse, id ContextRoot = fitnesse
# VersionsController
# The versions controller deals with persisting wiki page. In addition version

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I just spent an hour on Google trying to find out something quite simple (in retrospect) regarding how to get plugins to work.

I had created a file and added a CustomComparators property with a single custom comparator referenced, but when I then attempted to startup fitnesse standalone, it choked because it could not find the referenced class.

As it turns out, simply making a plugins directory and adding the jar containing the referenced class to that directory solved the problem.

I think it would be good to mention this front and center in the documentation for fitnesse plugins, because it was incredibly frustrating and amazingly simple to fix, just, I had to find it spelled out by hunting all over the place on Google rather than it being simply stated in the user guide that all I had to do was create a frickin' plugins directory !!!


Thanks for the suggestion. Personally, I tend to use a build tool like Maven or Gradle to launch FitNesse. That's where I place my dependencies. I agree that the simple plugins folder solution needs a little more attention (wanna write a blog on this subject?)

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