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Renaming with "all references" causes variable evaluation on other pages #15

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Gregor Gramlich Mike Stockdale
Gregor Gramlich

When renaming a page with the "Find all references to this page and change them accordingly (May take several minutes)" option on the Refactor page checked, it causes other pages to have some variables evaluated.

I renamed a page in the SuiteAcceptanceTests and it changed e.g. in

-|VirtualPage|!contents |VirtualWiki=http://localhost:${FITNESSE_PORT}/FitNesse.SuiteAcceptanceTests.AcceptanceTestPage|true |
+|VirtualPage|!contents |VirtualWiki=http://localhost:${FITNESSE_PORT8070/FitNesse.SuiteAcceptanceTests.AcceptanceTestPage|true |

Thus it must have evaluated the ${FITNESSE_PORT} variable and somehow put the value in place of the closing braces.

It even caused undefined variable to be evaluated, like in

-|Alias Link |${CODE} '''[['''${TEXT}''']['''${AnyPagePATH}''']]''' ${CODEend}| |
+|Alias Link |${CODE} '''[['''${TEXT}''']['''${AnyPagePATHundefined variable: AnyPagePATH''']]''' ${CODEend}|

Interestingly here ${TEXT} (like many other variables on the page) was left untouched.

I am using the latest version from jediwhale's repository.


Mike Stockdale

Has this been fixed? I tried to recreate it with the latest build and I can't.

Gregor Gramlich

You answered on my email, that it has been fixed. 2011-March-03, this is probably commit jediwhale@cd70621

Gregor Gramlich ggramlich closed this
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