Use Runtime.exec(String[]) in fitnesse.testsystems.CommandRunner #278

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In the method fitnesse.testsystems.CommandRunner.asynchronousStart() it uses Java's Runtime.exec() method.

Runtime.exec() has overloaded methods. In some, the command is a String which gets parsed with a java.util.StringTokenizer. In others, the command is already a String[] and does not get further parsed.

On non-Windows OS's, if there happens to be whitespace in the classpath, then Runtime.exec() will fail using the String versions, but the String[] versions work.


This issue definitely needs some attention. Using a String[] to pass the command line arguments is much saver than relying on a string tokenizer.

How should this work in conjunction with the COMMAND_PATTERN, for example?


I tried to fix the issues with pull request #437. Can you check if it works out (or what's missing)?

@amolenaar amolenaar added this to the Next release milestone May 18, 2014

#437 should fix this.

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