Feature request: Test mode for connecting to prestarted SLIM server on SLIM_PORT (w/o rotation) #313

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As CppSlim (https://github.com/AIM360/fitnesse-cppslim/) contributor I would like to debug my c++ fixtures using following scenario:

Given fitnesse-standalone.jar started on local machine at http://localhost/

  1. In Visual Studio I place breakpoints inside my fixtures.
  2. I start my SLIM server in debug mode from Visual Studio.
  3. My SLIM server waits for connection on SLIM_PORT.
  4. I open page http://localhost/MyFixture?test&debug
  5. FitNesse skips starting SLIM server.
  6. FitNesse connects to my prestarted SLIM server using SLIM_PORT (without using port rotation).
  7. MyFixture execution breaks inside Visual Studio on my breakpoint.
  8. After all tests passed debug session ends (on the bye command).

I tried following http://fitnesse.org/FitNesse.UserGuide.DebugingFixtureCode with no luck. As I understand, the reason described here: http://fitnesse.org/FitNesse.UserGuide.DebuggingFitNesseTables.

Is this scenario possible using current FitNesse (v20130530)? If not, where should I start tweaking sources to enable this ability?

peterdemin referenced this issue in AIM360/fitnesse-cppslim Sep 3, 2013


"wait-for-attached-debugger" support #6


Kosta-Github commented Sep 4, 2013

The described behavior could be achieved by using the 'remote_debug' option of 'suite' and 'test' commands (http://butunclebob.com/FitNesse.UserGuide.RestfulServices), but only if the port-rotation is omitted in that case or by adding an additional SLIM_REMOTE_DEBUG_PORT variable used in that case.


raboof commented Oct 28, 2013

This is a useful use case.

It would be nice to be able to disable port-rotation. Why/when do we really need it anyway? Shouldn't it be disabled by default, in order to KISS?


raboof commented Nov 15, 2013

There is now a 'slim.pool.size' parameter - presumably you can set that to '1' to get the behavior we're looking for there.

Haven't tried it yet myself though.


raboof commented Dec 10, 2013

Just tried it, seems to work fine!

Can you confirm this problem is also sufficiently covered for you, so we can close the issue? Or are there still problems?

Actually, I stopped using FitNesse :) As you say, it's OK, I am closing the issue. Thank you, anyway.

peterdemin closed this Dec 10, 2013

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