Suggestion: Add Validation of Test pages (SLIM?) #340

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Please add an extra function on a test page to validate it.
This means that you only check if every line in your test has a valid scenario/fixture.
But the actual tests are not run.

We have test cases which can take + 1 minute, and thus it takes a lot of time to fix small typos at the end of your script which cause the tests to fail.

We use slim...


We have a contribution that was put in last year as a part of the December release.

FixtureInteraction allows for turning "off" the test system calls and lets you run the tests. Unfortunately, it looks like we never documented this.


Are there any documentation of this features available now?


how do I use this feature?


You'll need to configure the COMMAND_PATTERN.

I think Koen is referring to a faster means of feedback. More IDE-like.


I was thinking more on the authoring part where you do a syntax check. To test if the different fixtures exist.
This may be possible via eclipse, or directly in the fitnesse interface.
Currently we use the wiki interface to create tests.

I think you are referring to:


Have you tried the FitNesse plugin for IntelliJ recently?

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