file leak: socket not closed #341

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Steps to reproduce:
1: Start fitnesse
2: Do this several times for an existing testcase
curl -s "http://localhost:8000/FrontPage.MyTest?test" >/dev/null
3: Afterwards check the open files of fitnesse, e.g.:
lsof -P -p
Several open sockets will show in state CLOSE_WAIT

My platform: Mac OSX latest version, java7, latest version of fitnesse right from master branch, using slim.

This is probably just a finally {} missing with a close on the socket. If you can give me a hint to the classname where this might be, I will gladly send you a pull request once it is solved.


Is FrontPage.MyTest a Slim Test or a Fit Test?


This is FrontPage.MyTest:

!define TEST_SYSTEM {slim} 

|comment|                  |
|this   |is|a|comment|table|

After running this several times, lsof shows a long list of open sockets in state CLOSE_WAIT


Hmm... You can have a look at SlimTestSystem and the SlimClient it's using underneath.


Yep, this solves this issue. Issue can be closed.


fixed by #342.

@amolenaar amolenaar closed this Oct 3, 2013
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