Custom Comparator not working from scenario table #399

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I have written a custom comparator that works fine from a script table and from a decision table but does not work from within a scenario table. It appears that the custom comparator is not being invoked from a scenario. This was working in a prior release but is not working now. I am using the latest release 20140201.


Hi, There has been some refactoring around the comparator logic (so it is more pluggable). I suppose a test like:

| scenario | test me |
| check | echo | test | custom:test |

| script | echo fixture |
| test me |

should trigger the issue? ("custom" refers to the custom comparator).

@amolenaar amolenaar closed this in 6e1b19b Feb 10, 2014
@antoine-aumjaud antoine-aumjaud pushed a commit to antoine-aumjaud/fitnesse that referenced this issue Jun 12, 2014
@amolenaar amolenaar Fix custom comparator in scenario tables. Fixes #399. df7e630
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