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title: Screaming Architecture
tags: ["Architecture"]
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Imagine that you are looking at the blueprints of a building. This document, prepared by an architect, tells you the plans for the building. What do these plans tell you?
If the plans you are looking at are for a single family residence, then you'll likely see a front entrance, a foyer leading to a living room and perhaps a dining room. There'll likely be a kitchen a short distance away, close to the dining room. Perhaps a dinette area next to the kitchen, and probably a family room close to that. As you looked at those plans, there'd be no question that you were looking at a _house_. The architecture would _scream_: *house*.
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tags: ["Testing", "Tools"]
old_tags: ["TDD", "Simplicity", "Agile"]
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Rich Hickey gave a great "talk": at "Strange Loop": entitled _Simple Made Easy_. I strongly recommend you spend an hour and listen to this talk. It's worth every second you give it. There will be some things in this talk that you will disagree with. When that happens, stop and think - think real hard - you probably don't actually disagree. And if you do, you probably shouldn't.
@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@ title: Double Entry Bookkeeping Dilemma. Should I Invest or Not?
tags: ["Testing"]
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A few days ago I found "this": blog, which makes the case that
software developers who use TDD, should be pragmatic about the costs and benefits. You should read the blog now. Notice how reasonable and
balanced it sounds. Now read what follows and ask yourself if _that too_ seems reasonable and balanced.

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