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A suite of functions to help with various tasks in SilverStripe + Gatsby integrations
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SilverStripe + Gatsby helpers

A suite of functions to help with various tasks in SilverStripe + Gatsby integrations.


$ yarn add silverstripe-gatsby-helpers


Build a primary naviagion

import React from 'react';
import { getMenu } from 'silverstripe-gatsby-helpers';
import { Link } from 'gatsby';
import classnames from 'classnames';

const Menu = ({ level }) => {
    const menuItems = getMenu(level);

    return (
	            { => (
	                <li className={classnames({
	                	active: item.isCurrent
	                }) key={}>
	                	<Link to={}>

Build breadcrumbs

import React from 'react';
import { getBreadcrumbs } from 'silverstripe-gatsby-helpers';
import { Link } from 'gatsby';

const Breadcrumbs = () => {
    const breadcrumbs = getBreadcrumbs();
    return (
        <div className="breadcrumbs">
            {, i) => (
            		{i && `/`}
                	<Link to={} key={node.uuid}>

Show subnav

import { isLevel, getChildren, getMenu } from 'silverstripe-gatsby-helpers';

const isLevel2 = isLevel(2);
const hasSubnav = isLevel2 || getChildren().length > 0;
const menuItems = isLevel2 ? getMenu(2) : getChildren();

{hasSubNav && 
	{ => (
		<li key={child.uuid>{child.SilverStripeSiteTree.title}</li>

Included functions

export { default as isFile } from './lib/utils/isFile'; export { default as isSiteTree } from './lib/utils/isSiteTree'; export { default as canonicalName } from './lib/utils/canonicalName'; export { default as findParent } from './lib/utils/findParent'; export { default as findAncestors } from './lib/utils/findAncestors';

export { default as getMenu } from './lib/context/getMenu'; export { default as getNavigation } from './lib/context/getNavigation'; export { default as isLevel } from './lib/context/isLevel'; export { default as getCurrentNode } from './lib/context/getCurrentNode'; export { default as getCurrentSiteTree } from './lib/context/getCurrentSiteTree'; export { default as getBreadcrumbs } from './lib/context/getBreadcrumbs'; export { default as getChildren } from './lib/context/getChildren'; export { default as getParent } from './lib/context/getParent'; export { default as getHierarchy, initHierarchy } from './lib/context/getHierarchy'; export { default as getAncestors } from './lib/context/getAncestors';

export { default as extractFormData } from './lib/forms/extractFormData'; export { default as SSFieldHolder } from './lib/forms/SSFieldHolder'; export { default as normaliseAttribtues } from './lib/forms/normaliseAttributes';

getMenu(level:int = 1): DataObjectNode[]

Like its SilverStripe counterpart, builds a menu for the current page given a level. Relies on context provided by getCurrentSiteTree().

getBreadcrumbs(maxDepth:int = 20, showHidden:bool = false): DataObjectNode[]

Like its SilverStripe counterpart, builds a list of parent nodes to the current page. Relies on context provided by getCurrentSiteTree().

isLevel(node: Node, level:int): bool

Returns true if the supplied node is at a given level in the hierarchy. Works the same way as its SilverStripe counterpart, <% if $Level(1) %>.

useCurrentPage(): Node|null

A hook that gets the current page based on the URL.

useHierarchy(): Node[]

A hook that gets all the SilverStripe objects that Gatsby has sourced, with references to parents and children. Only DataObjects that have a Parent() function will be included.

useLinkable(): Node[]

Gets a list of all DataObjects with link properties defined that are not necessarily hierarchical.

useNavigation(): Node[]

Like useHierarchy() but filters out showInMenus === false.

canonicalName(class: string): string

Returns the short name for a PHP class, e.g. canonicalName('MyProject\\Models\\MyObject'); // 'MyObject'

isSiteTree(node: Node): bool

Returns true if the given node is an instance of SiteTree.

isFile(node: Node): bool

Returns true if the given node is an instance of SiteTree.

findParent(node: Node): (node: Node): Node

Creates a function suitable for Array.filter to find a parent for a node.

const page = useCurrentPage();
const hierarchy = useHierarchy();
const finder = findParent(page);
const parent = hierarchy.find(finder);

findClosestPage(node: Node): Node|null

Useful for dataobjects that are rendered as full pages. Gets the nearest page in its hierarchy. Relies on a Parent() function being defined for the dataobject.

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