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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the day zero workshop start?

10:00 am

What time do the other days start?

8:30 am. The first day will run all day, and all meals will be provided. The second day will run until the late afternoon, with a group dinner at a restaurant TBD.

Is it too late to register?

Yes. If you missed the application, please keep us in mind in the future!

Where did you get this idea from?

rOpenSci. They've hosted several events like this, and the organizers of this conference loved them so much we wanted to recreate it in our neck of the woods.

What's the registration fee?

$0. But, you have to apply to attend and all spots are limited. (See next FAQ for more.) In addition, plan on finding your own support for travel and lodging.

Wait, I have to apply to attend a conference? What's that about?

There are several reasons that we have you apply to attend this conference instead of just registering and paying a fee. First and foremost, this is an independent event organized by a dedicated group of individuals with full-time jobs. We don't have an established organization dedicated to putting on events like this. All the money we get from sponsors will go directly toward putting on the unconference. That being said, free money is not easy to come by, so we have to keep costs low. The easiest way to do that is by limiting the number of participants.

The second primary reason for the application process is to make sure we get a diverse group of participants that represent the larger uncoastal #rstats community. This means getting folks from academia, industry, and government in a wide array of application fields. It also means getting a wide variety of skillsets, whether you are newer to R or have been using it for 20 years. We are committed to diversity in every sense, and so we also strongly encourage applications from those who identify as women, people of color, LGBTQ+, differently-abled, and/or other underrepresented minorities in data science and the R community. We are committed to gender parity, and we will strive for that 50-50 balance: 50% men and 50% women and other genders.

Finally, the goal of the unconf is collaboration in real time. We want to ensure we get a group of people that can work on teams, not several dozen individuals working on several dozen projects independently (while wearing noise-cancelling headphones). We are doing this event to connect and grow our community and to get to know one another. Please only apply if building our community is something you value.

What is the deadline to apply?

February 4, 2019, at 5pm America/Chicago time.

Whoa, [so-and-so] is gonna be there? I don't even feel qualified to apply...

Yes, they are gonna be there! Isn't that exciting?! And you deserve to be there just as much as them. Please apply! We are looking for a diverse group. (See previous FAQs.) We are looking for people, not qualifications. Just be yourself (and be honest) on your application. The only solid qualification is that you are comfortable working in R in some capacity.

Do I have to use RStudio?

You can use whatever you want, as long as R is there somewhere.

What about Vermont?

Ah, yes. You've noticed that Vermont doesn't have any coastline, so is technically an uncoastal state. We thought about this, too. When the average American refers to the "East Coast," Vermont is decidedly in that group, while Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, Colorado, etc. are decidedly not. So, we chose not to include Vermont in the logo. This made for a prettier and simpler logo. No shade to Vermont.

Cool logo! How'd you make that, Photoshop?

Nope, R! Thanks to the magick package. Also, our website was made with the blogdown R package. The R logo is © 2016 The R Foundation, used with permission under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. Code to recreate our logo is here.

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