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FAQ Uncodeference

How can I support the event?

Our projects are open source, feel free to check out the repos and propose any change.

How can I go to Wattens?

You have multiple options: You can either take the normal bus/train transport from Innsbruck Hbf or take the shuttle bus we will provide, but remember to sign up first via email, because there is a max of 50 ppl.

Which kind of topics can I expect?

We moved from almost 100% web development topics in 2018 to a more generic engineering set of topics. You will find topics like: Functional programming, VueJS, Unity, OS, game development, Signature UI, UI library creation, full-stack-development, developer experience, user experience, GatsbyJS, building communities, React-Native, AI&ML, tech leadership, web services, deployment…

We will continue including topics, as soon as we get feedback from the community.

Note If you have any question, please create an issue and it will be added into the README. Thanks!

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