Let's hide stuff inside of other stuff.
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This repo is an experiment with hiding code from one programming language inside of another. It started as a joke about steganography and the whitespace language.

You'll probably want a whitespace interpreter to play around.

Golang + whitespace

hello.go is your standard hello world program written in golang, but the whitespace describes a different program.

  • go run hello.go
  • whitespace hello.go

HTML + whitespace

html/index.html contains a Polymer TO-DO list app, which works in a modern web browser, but the whitespace describes a fibonacci number calculator.

  • From html directory, run bower update to install web components
  • docker-compose up and navigate to http://localhost (or wherever)
  • curl localhost > todo.html; whitespace todo.html

NodeJS + whitespace

nodejs/figlet.js reads text from stdin and uses figlet to render the input using figlet fonts, but the whitespace code counts to 10.

  • npm install figlet
  • node figlet.js
  • whitespace figlet.js