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Set-up communications with unconference participants
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Set-up email communications with unconference participants, using the blastula package for aesthetic HTML emails.

Repo overview

Files to use:

  • config.R: Edit this file with metadata specific to your unconference (links, logo, names, dates, etc.)
  • send-email.R: Point this file to a dataframe of participants and run it to create your emails

Files you shouldn't have to change:

  • templates: Contains common templates for unconf communication.
    • Current contains email for: application reminder (apply.txt) and application decisions (accept.txt, reject.txt)
    • Additional desired templates are: logistics, reminder, post-unconference follow-up
  • email-fx.R: Defines needed email functions called via source() by send-email.R
    • generate_email(): Generates email based on desired parameters
    • send_email(): Wrapped around blastula function


Examples of resulting email templates are linked below:


To contribute a new email template to this repository, please ensure the following changes are made:

  • Review how the blastula package works for correct syntax
  • Add your new template to the templates/ folder. Ensure any variables referenced with {} are collected in the config.R file
  • Making the following edits to email-fx.R:
    • Ensure the generate_email() function so that your template is accepted by match.args as a valid value for message
    • Add to the switch() statement in the create_subject() function so that your template triggers a valid email subject
  • Add an example of your template's output to the examples/ folder by doing the following (which will also check that you did the prior steps correctly!):
    • Run generate_email("Test name", {{your template name}})
    • Save the html_html list element of the results in an HTML file in the examples/ folder
  • Update the "Repo overview" and "Examples" seciton of the README to include your new template
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