undeadzy's version of the client/server for Urban Terror 4.1.1 with Slakin's SACC modifications
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undeadzy's version of ioUrbanTerror with Slakin's SACC modifications

SACC or "Slakin's Advanced Competitive Client" is a set of modifications that reportedly improves performance by tweaking some of the values.

This project is the set of SACC changes on top of undeadzy's ioUrT which tries to be faithful to the official ioUrT 2007-12-20 while supporting the latest ioquake3.

You can read more on SACC here: http://sacc.pugbot.com/doku.php?id=start

The patch used to create these changes is from the SWiSH-SACC client. None of the undeadzy clients include dmaHD yet because there is a new source code drop from the author soon.

undeadzy's version of ioUrbanTerror

This based on ioUrbanTerror with the following differences. This version is focused on keeping a minimal set of changes in order to be able to verify it easier.

NOTE: This now includes the basepakheader.h since FS' latest release also has it.

You may want to change the Makefile manually to add 'march=native' instead of 'march=i586' etc. The ioquake3 devs didn't make it easy to override that in Makefile.local so you have to manually change it. GCC detects the proper architecture with 'native'. This may add optimizations that aren't available in i586 at the expense of depending on newer CPU features that others may not have.

Changes from ioUrT:

  • Updated SCR_DrawStringExt calls to use the new API
  • Changed the functionality of autodownload. Rather than any key besides ESC being acceptance, it now requires F1 or it doesn't download. I think this is a safer default and F1 maps to vote yes so players should be used to it.
  • Changed a curl error message to indicate that the user disabled curl so the file cannot be downloaded rather than the generic "unknown error"
  • Any functions added to ioUrT that are only used in one file are now static
  • Use braces rather than for(i=0; i<1; i++)
  • Check the length of the mapname before memmove'ing it to downloadList
    • 'mapname' is currently less than downloadList, but may change in the future
  • Does not disable some of the verbose output such as what's on the pure list. This is only cosmetic.
  • This uses a different implementation of the unfortunately named Q_strnchr and Q_strnrchr() functions
  • Whitespace clean thanks to git apply --whitespace=error-all
  • ioUrT disables Mac OSX acceleration but ioquake3 enables it.
    • Recently re-enabled
  • alt-tab minimize is enabled using a different cvar
    • Calls "/minimize" since later ioquake3 verisons have support
    • Named cl_altTabMinimize


  • Uses a Makefile.local
    • Defines BUILD_STANDALONE in Makefile.local
  • Added LEGACY_PROTOCOL=1 since UrT 4.1.1 is based off of old ioquake3 code
    • Without this change, you would need to play on servers running the newer protocol too.


By default, only the base UrT 4.1.1 functionality ported to the latest ioquake3 are always included. These are all extensions that can be enabled in Makefile.local

  • Fix +vstr bug by using mitsubishi's fix from his build
  • Added OpenArena's handling of the console.
    • Unlike the OA code, this directly edits finalFrac
    • Shift+` means 1/4 of the screen
    • ` means 1/2 of the screen (default)
    • Alt+` means the entire screen
  • Updated the MAX_CMD_BUFFER to 128KiB to match OA and recent ioUrT clients
  • Updated MAX_CVARS to 2048
  • Includes Rambetter's client message buffer exploit fix
  • Use a short record message rather than the full demo name.
    • This was based on Mitsubishi's client


  • Doesn't contain anything OS specific
    • None of the MSVC build files were updated
    • Handling of where Windows looks for files/saves demos is ioq3 default now
  • No branding (i.e. ioq3 -> iourt) on the binaries so the Makefile diff is much smaller and easier to maintain
    • Small changes in the q_shared.h which is designed for standalone.
    • Some of the branding is being moved back. I'm only enabling it in the Makefile.local.
  • Doesn't define DLF_BSPNAME_ONLY because it is never used
  • Doesn't use cl_master because it is handled upstream differently now
  • Doesn't change NET_Sleep because this is handled differently now
  • Anything that was cherry picked from a later SVN version that is now already present (or implemented differently now).

Still broken in UrT:

  • ioUrT disables s_useOpenAL by default but ioquake3 enables it.
    • When I enable OpenAL, I'm missing a lot of sounds including the flag taken sound.

Note: ioUrbanTerror was based on SVN 1142 in the zip. However, it has changes that are identical to later upstream changes. Either they were integrated after ioUrT was released, or ioUrT cherry picked changes.

Note: I modified the makefile so it checks for the remote branch version first. It will now pick up the correct upstream SVN version.

Original files are from here: http://ftp.snt.utwente.nl/pub/games/urbanterror/iourbanterror/source/complete/ioUrbanTerrorSource_2007_12_20.zip

$ sha512sum ioUrbanTerrorSource_2007_12_20.zip
7c90fff834a971cd3379a1ba68876cdef42232b90feada069fb2d9103e47c2502e178960454f4c9194f646ced263ba60eea1a89298ae00f6d91748349ceb05a8  ioUrbanTerrorSource_2007_12_20.zip