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JMeter Plugins
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Baraujo25 and undera Dependencies updated, release 2.1.1 (#351)
* Add rte plugin 2.1 release and fix dependencies to properly update then on upgrades

* Add rte plugin 2.1.1 release, dependencies updated
Latest commit ce70918 Aug 21, 2019
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examples Redis exception when RANDOM_KEEP chosen on a list (#294) Oct 7, 2018
graphs fix composite graph (#309) Nov 17, 2018
infra Update old powermock Aug 2, 2019
plugins Fix dummy sampler serialization Jun 25, 2019
site Dependencies updated, release 2.1.1 (#351) Aug 20, 2019
tools Release sts 2.4 Feb 4, 2019
.gitignore Ignore generated stats Jul 12, 2016
.travis.yml Cobertura is DEAD Aug 2, 2019
LICENSE CP: Added missing LICENSE and README Jul 8, 2013
README Cosmetics Oct 20, 2013 Fix Maven download filenames (#346) Jul 26, 2019 local build script Sep 4, 2016 Release sts 2.4 Feb 4, 2019
repo_schema.json Validate repo JSON against schema Apr 1, 2019 Fixing nightly uploads Jan 25, 2015

Build Status JMeter Plugins

What is it?

This library contains additional plugins for Apache JMeter Tool. The project site has all the information about installation and usage

Troubleshooting and Feedback

For troubleshooting and feedback, please get in touch on our google groups

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