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A python IDE for use in the classroom.
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DarkPython is an education-focused IDE programmed in pure Python. It was made with the student in mind and is easy to use.

DarkPython features:

  • Syntax Highlighting!

  • Editing multiple files at once!

  • A feature rich debugger!

Editor Screenshot

The main appeal of using DarkPython is it's debugger. The debugger runs in it's own thread. It features:

  • Line by line execution.

  • Line highlighting during execution to show what python is doing at any given moment.

  • Values of all variables are updated at each line and kept in an easy to read, tabular format.

  • A great GUI built off of a fast wxPython backend.

Debugger Screenshot

DarkPython clarifies Python programming like never before!

DarkPython is programmed in python 2.7.6 using wxPython as the GUI backend. It is multithreaded. To run, get wxPython, and then:

Clone the repo and cd into the directory:

git clone DarkPython
cd DarkPython/darkpython

Finally, run


Wrote / maintained by Thomas Hobohm (superman3275).

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