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Merge pull request JedWatson#1260 from DanielHeath/patch-1

Allow react nodes to be passed as loadingPlaceholder
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JedWatson committed Sep 29, 2016
2 parents 962f138 + 2e37a5d commit 0b3622402d2dbbbd2d87600f2b99ec17097f8417
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@@ -8,7 +8,10 @@ const propTypes = {
children: React.PropTypes.func.isRequired, // Child function responsible for creating the inner Select component; (props: Object): PropTypes.element
ignoreAccents: React.PropTypes.bool, // strip diacritics when filtering; defaults to true
ignoreCase: React.PropTypes.bool, // perform case-insensitive filtering; defaults to true
loadingPlaceholder: PropTypes.string.isRequired, // replaces the placeholder while options are loading
loadingPlaceholder: React.PropTypes.oneOfType([ // replaces the placeholder while options are loading
loadOptions: React.PropTypes.func.isRequired, // callback to load options asynchronously; (inputValue: string, callback: Function): ?Promise
options: PropTypes.array.isRequired, // array of options
placeholder: React.PropTypes.oneOfType([ // field placeholder, displayed when there's no value (shared with Select)

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