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# React-Select
## v1.0.0-rc / 2016-09-04
## v1.0.0-rc.3 / 2017-02-01
* added; `arrowRenderer` prop, thanks [Brian Vaughn](
* added; child-function support to `Async` and `Creatable` components so that they can compose each other (or future HOCs), thanks [Brian Vaughn](
* added; `asyncCreatable` HOC that combines `Async` and `Creatable` so they can be used together, thanks [Brian Vaughn](
* added; undocumented arguments for `menuRenderer`, thanks [Julian Krispel-Samsel](
* fixed; Do not focus and open menu when disabled, thanks [nhducit](
* fixed; Scrolling with arrow-keys is not working correctly, thanks [Damian Pieczynski](
* added; "select all text" functionality `Shift+Home|Del`, thanks [Damian Pieczynski](
* added; support for `boolean` values, thanks [Aaron Hardy](
* fixed; Remove duplicated `promptTextCreator` field from readme, thanks [Jih-Chi Lee](
* fixed; Adding back ref that was removed in rc2, thanks [Martin Jujou](
* fixed; `Creatable` component doesn't allow input key down handling, thanks [Ivan Leonenko](
* added; Allow react nodes to be passed as loadingPlaceholder, thanks [Daniel Heath](
* fixed; IE8 compatibility issues, thanks [Kirill Mesnyankin](
* improved; Allow users to specify noResultsText, thanks [Daniel Heath](
* added; Only remove options if a loading placeholder is available, thanks [Daniel Heath](
* fixed; firefox display items in two rows due to reflow, thanks [Daniel Heath](
* fixed; `Creatable` readme typo, thanks [Ben](
* fixed; explain way to implement `allowCreate` functionality with `Creatable` to readme, thanks [mayerwin](
* added; delete key removes an item when there is no input, thanks [forum-is](
* added; `onNewOptionClick` handler for `Creatable`, thanks [Lee Siong Chan](
* fixed; `onInputChange` consistent for `Creatable`, thanks [Lee Siong Chan](
* fixed; `menuRenderer` is treated consistently between `Creatable` and `Select`, thanks [Brian Vaughn](
* fixed; `asyncCreatable` options parsing will not parse undefined values into props, thanks [Romain Dardour](
* added; pass `inputProps` to `inputRenderer`, thanks [Alec Winograd](
* fixed; no exception when clearing an Async field that is not set to multi, thanks [Patrik Stutz](
* added; allow rendering a custom clear component, thanks [Conor Hastings](
* fixed; document `ignoreAccents`, thanks [Domenico Matteo](
* fixed; arrowing up or down in `Select` with 0 options does not throw type error, thanks [Alex Howard](
* fixed; `Creatable` handles null children prop, thanks [Jack Coulter](
* added; provide `isOpen` to arrowRenderer, thanks [Kuan](
* fixed; re-added the `focus()` method on `Select.Async`, thanks, [Maarten Claes](
* fixed; focus the next available option after a selection, not the top option, thanks [Nicolas Raynaud](
## v1.0.0-rc.1 / 2016-09-04
* fixed; reset value to `[]` when `multi=true`, thanks [Michael Williamson](
* added; pass index to `renderLabel` method, thanks [nhducit](

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