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Bookies, a social bookmarking app built with Ruby on Rails

Master Branch is Rails 4.0

try it out

Steps to Deploy the Bookies Web Application

  1. git clone bookies
  2. cd bookies
  3. bundle # run bundle to install required gems
  4. cp config/example.database.yml config/database.yml # set up your database
  5. vim config/database.yml # if using sqlite3 or postgresql, update the Gemfile with correct gems and run ‘bundle’ again).
  6. vim Gemfile && bundle
  7. rake db:setup
  8. rails g bootstrap:install
  9. rake assets:precompile # to compile all of the assets for the assets pipeline.
  10. rails server

Steps to Update

  1. git pull origin master –rebase
  2. bundle update
  3. rake assets:precompile

Set up the archive page feature

  1. install redis
  2. run: RAILS_ENV=production QUEUE=bookmark_archive_queue rake environment resque:work