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Yet another *fu - this time for rails configuration made easier
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Confu is a micro-mini (think wicked weasel sized) utility I extracted from a couple of projects. Influenced by

The main thing I wanted to change is that files are separated not by environment, but by concern. Each file can use merging (described below) to avoid repeating, and accidentally miss adding new stuff (which I constantly do). And you can also use ignore + yml.sample approach for sensitive config. 


Add it in your Gemfile

gem 'confu'

From your project's RAILS_ROOT, run:

rails generate confu:install

This will create sample config/site/app.yml file.
Then you put multiple yml files in the site folder. Each config file will result in {file_name}Config constant defined, loading the current environment's section values. 

So if you have site.yml, containing

  home_page_entries: 3
  home_page_entries: 5

You will have SiteConfig defined, and SiteConfig.home_page_entries returning 3 and 5 in development and production, respectively.

YAML has some neat DRY stuff, actually - check this out:

One thing that comes in handy is merging keys from mapping - like this.

development: &default
  home_page_entries: 3
  admin_entries: 4
  <<: *default
  home_page_entries: 5

Copyright (c) 2009 Petyo Ivanov, released under the MIT license
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