A simple body no-scroll plugin for modals and overlays
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Body no-scroll

Sometimes you are so annoyed with browsers non-standard behaviours that you write a JS plugin. This simple piece of code blocks the scrolling of body while opening modals or overlays. It also saves scroll position.


Include the plugin file (bns.js). To turn no-scroll on/off use these methods.

BNS.on(); // I just opened a modal and want background to be non-scrollable
BNS.off(); // Okay, back to standard view

You can also apply your own classes to body each time you call on/off.

	classes: 'one two three'

BNS.on(); // Now body has classes 'one two three'
BNS.off(); // Classes removed

In some cases you may want to add classes to body just for specific calls.

BNS.on('classname'); // Now body has class 'classname' and classes added by set method

To check if BNS is currently on.


Browser support

Tested and working:

  • Firefox,
  • Chrome/Chromium,
  • Opera (on Presto),
  • Opera (on Blink),
  • IE (11, 10, 9),
  • Safari,
  • BlackBerry Browser (Webkit).

I would really appreciate feedback from Android and iOS browsers.

Known issues

On some mobile browsers you may see a quick jump while applying on/off.

About the author

##License The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2015 Krzysztof Rusnarczyk