An asset packing tool for luxe and haxe projects
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A simple asset packer for luxe alpha versions (and other haxe projects).


flow run as a regular luxe project in tool/


  • luxe
  • mint
  • linc_dialogs


Works for native (mac/windows/linux/android/ios) and web targets.

Used in a few games like Westport Independent and the THREES web port.

tool usage

  • click add folder to add an asset folder to the session
  • once added, assets will be selectable to include in the built parcel
  • use select all/none to toggle selections
  • click build to generate the packed parcel file
  • when hovering an asset, spacebar can be used to "quickview" the asset contents in a bigger view

using the packed files, i.e Pack.hx usage

  • This is the way you use a packed parcel in your game
  • Drop Pack.hx somewhere in your code
  • see test/ for a simple example
  • The parcel is loaded as a whole, putting resources in to Luxe.resources
  • Use the resources as usual

using the packed file outside of luxe

The class that does the work for the asset packing and unpacking doesn't have any dependencies, it uses plain haxe features. An agnostic version is inside non-luxe/Packer.hx.

If you want to use this in any haxe project, you can customize the types in the AssetPack easily and the rest will still work automatically. The code is simple and small enough to customize to your own use case.

The asset packs generated by the tool should work for frameworks or code not using luxe, the asset unpacking simply undoes the packing / compression, you have to feed that to your framework as needed!

    var to_pack:AssetPack = {
        bytes: ..
    var bytes = Packer.compress_pack(to_pack);
    var unpacked = Packer.uncompress_pack(bytes);

    for(item in unpacked.bytes) {

important notes

  • This tool was written very quickly, expect messy code (some dev notes)
  • all asset types except streamed audio that luxe supports can be packed
  • no streaming audio can be packed with this!
    • a path for audio/music is hardcoded internally to be ignored
  • asset paths are relative to the assets/ once added to the parcel
    • for example, add a folder called assets/ with assets/images/level.png
    • in the packed assets it has the id of assets/images/level.png
    • when loading the packed assets, the id's will match this pattern
    • based on common usage, this should be transparent

load time meta data

Some assets want to set load time settings, there is an optional meta file for these types of settings.

This file is currently manually created and matches the format of the parcel json info. Only the shader specifics are currently implemented. It should be in the root of your parcel.

Other types for sounds and textures were partially implemented but not needed at the time. The UI for editing the metadata was also partially implemented but commented out.

other notes


Feel free to file issues or contributions.

Since this tool is a quick but useful tool written for the earlier alpha versions of luxe, I don't expect it to get significant reworking any time soon.