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import luxe.Input;
import luxe.Sprite;
import luxe.Vector;
import phoenix.Texture;
class Main extends luxe.Game {
var player : Sprite;
//set by the screen size later
var move_speed : Float = 0;
//The config function is simple: It hands us a default config,
//we modify the values that we want to change, and then we
//return it with the modifications.
override function config( config:luxe.GameConfig ) {
//This time, we are going to modify the preload parcel texture list,
//and add our texture for the sprite, so that it will exist when we
//try to use it during `ready`
config.preload.textures.push({ id:'assets/stand.png' });
#if luxe_doc_sample
config.window.width = 640;
config.window.height = 427;
return config;
} //config
override function ready() {
//fetch the previously loaded texture!
var image = Luxe.resources.texture('assets/stand.png');
//keep pixels crisp when scaling them, for pixel art
image.filter_min = image.filter_mag = FilterType.nearest;
//work out the correct size based on a ratio
var height = Luxe.screen.h/1.75;
var width = (height/image.height) * image.width;
//this is an arbitrary ratio I made up :)
move_speed = width*3;
//create the actual visible player, give it the texture
player = new Sprite({
name: 'player',
texture: image,
pos : new Vector(Luxe.screen.mid.x, Luxe.screen.h - (height/1.75)),
size: new Vector(width, height)
} //ready
function connect_input() {
//here, we are going to bind A/left and D/right into a single named
//input event, so that we can keep our movement code the same when changing keys
Luxe.input.bind_key('left', Key.left);
Luxe.input.bind_key('left', Key.key_a);
Luxe.input.bind_key('right', Key.right);
Luxe.input.bind_key('right', Key.key_d);
} //connect_input
override function update( delta:Float ) {
//This is using the "immediate query" api
//there is also oninputdown like onkeydown and onmousedown
if(Luxe.input.inputdown('left')) {
player.pos.x -= move_speed * delta;
player.flipx = true;
} else if(Luxe.input.inputdown('right')) {
player.pos.x += move_speed * delta;
player.flipx = false;
} //update
override function onkeyup( e:KeyEvent ) {
if(e.keycode == Key.escape) {
} //onkeyup
} //Main