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###A haxe xml documentation conversion library.

Haxe features an -xml flag to export current compilation class information, to an xml file.

View the haxe documentation generator docs.

This output can be used for many things, but the output format is rather dense difficult to parse in anything other than haxe itself.

scribe steps in between you and the xml file - and hosts a HaxeDoc class, which lists all the class names and each class definition (including properties, members, methods and so on).

With these elements, you can parse and export them to any language you wish, or implement the class as an API WIP embedded in your own library/project.


  • support different export options (some form of plugin or similar)
  • be able to specify a haxe project build file or arguments to haxe, to directly feed from the doc generator
  • make per-platform binaries
  • submit to haxelib with run script



  • fix bugs in method/property/member distinctions
  • add mtime caching for input md files to be skipped


  • major rewrite to use haxe xml parser directly
  • changes export json structure but includes more precise mappings
  • many scriber fixes and additions due to new format


  • updating to include haxe_doc values
  • changing the type of delimeter for the --flag to be -flag
  • making it run as a haxelib rather than as a standalone tool
  • and running from the correct path
  • so the scribe.json and other data can be project specific
  • changing the lime project to be the project file path
  • instead of folder (this allows usage for any project etc)
  • bumping version to 0.9.0 before finalising the api and usage for 1.0.0 release on haxelib


  • Initial version with basic import/export to JSON

License : MIT