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Interpreters and You

Slides, code samples, and notes on building programs with the interpreter pattern in Scala.

Copyright 2018 Dave Gurnell.

Text, diagrams, and slides licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0. Code samples licensed Apache 2.0


The /slides directory contains the slides used in my presentation at Scala Days 2018.

The /code directory contains different sample interpreters, implemented in reified and Church encoded styles.

The /text directory contains a short guide to writing interpreters in Scala. This is currently a work-in-progress that I hope to flesh out to cover the same content as the talk.

Building the Guide

Install Docker and use to boot an instance with most of the right dependencies:

bash$ cd text

bash$ ./

Use yarn to install the remaining dependencies:

docker$ npm intall -g yarn

docker$ yarn

Finally use sbt to build the guide. Choose one of the following commands:

docker$ sbt pdf

docker$ sbt html

docker$ sbt epub

docker$ sbt all
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