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# -*- coding: utf8 -*-
#MenuTitle: Set default anchors
# An opinionated to add some default anchors to letters
# - Will only add not yet existing anchors
# - Positions are crude, so mostly top or bottom aligned centered anchor
# - Only adds to the selected Layer(s)
# - Pressumed desired anchor positions: cap height, x height, baseline
font = Glyphs.font
for layer in font.selectedLayers:
glyph = layer.parent
info = glyph.glyphInfo
master = font.masters[layer.associatedMasterId]
if not master.capHeight or not master.xHeight or not master.descender:
print "Font master needs to have capHeight, xHeight and descender values."
if info.category != "Letter":
if not glyph.glyphInfo.anchors:
print "Glyph %s has no default anchors defined, skipping." %
for anchor in glyph.glyphInfo.anchors:
existingAnchor = anchor in [ for a in layer.anchors]
x = 0
y = 0
if not existingAnchor:
# the default font data has some anchors like "bottom@descender"
# for those, grab only the part before the @ for our new anchor
# name; it's still available further down for detecting
anchorName = anchor.split("@", 1)[0]
layer.anchors[anchorName] = GSAnchor()
x = layer.width / 2
if info.subCategory == "Uppercase":
if anchor == "top":
y = master.capHeight
elif anchor == "center":
y = master.capHeight / 2
if info.subCategory == "Lowercase":
# for lowercase letters with paths at cap height or beyond
# set "top" anchors to capHeight, not xHeight
atCapHeight = layer.bounds.size.height + min(0, layer.bounds.origin.y) >= master.capHeight
if anchor == "top":
if atCapHeight:
y = master.capHeight
y = master.xHeight
elif anchor == "center":
y = master.capHeight / 2
elif anchor == "bottom@descender":
y = master.descender
# some anchors we use the same default position regardless of case
if anchor == "ogonek":
x = layer.bounds.origin.x + layer.bounds.size.width
elif anchor == "topleft":
y = master.capHeight
x = layer.bounds.origin.x
elif anchor == "topright":
y = master.capHeight
x = layer.bounds.origin.x + layer.bounds.size.width
print "add missing anchor %s in glyph %s at %d, %d" % (anchor,, x, y)
layer.anchors[anchorName].position = NSPoint(x, y)
# else: Could perform sanity checks on existing anchors
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