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Data Cleaning Tricks in R for Boston University's "Storytelling with Data" workshop
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Tricks for cleaning your data in R

Data + Code for "Tricks for cleaning your data in R" at the Storytelling with Data workshop at Boston University on Tuesday, June 6th 2017.

Equivalent materials for "Advancing with data visualization in R using ggplot2" available here.

Links to install R and RStudio

  • R: website for the R software
  • RStudio: website for RStudio, a powerful graphical user interface for R

Files included

Annotated code and step-by step instructions for the workshop

R code

Underlying data needed to run the R code

How to follow this workshop

  • You can clone or download this repository by clicking on the green button above, "Clone or download"
  • Open the .R file in RStudio
  • Follow along by reading the .md file online or printing the .pdf file out by clicking the Github links above

Questions / Feedback?

ychristinezhang at gmail dot com

or on Twitter


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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