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The watch, The hack (just for a while)
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This repository is for the full Arduino IDE development environment to easily compile for the Sony SmartWatch from a friendly, familiar interface. If you are looking to compile on the command line (windows, linux and osx), please visit:

The Watch, The Hack

This is the story of a watch, a small squared-shaped watch made to make people smile while looking at it and discover a message from a loved one, a great weather prediction, or the quote of the day. The watch was pretty smart, as normal watches cannot do such things, but it had a small issue ... it was closed source. A bunch of hackers with a mission, decided to give the watch a small present... it's own freedom. They worked on it day and night, and day... and probably yet another night... until they got a working toolchain and a hack of the Arduino's IDE to allow the watch to run applications compiled by -literally- anyone. You are visiting the repository of liberation! The lack of freedom is bug #1 in every system. Someone made this for all of us, so download it and contribute!

IRC: freenode/#open-ssw



If you have any problems, you should open an issue (after checking it's not already registered), but note that this project is maintained by the community so if you have can it's never a bad idea to try and fix it yourself. ISSUES BE HERE


Precompiled alpha-002's are out!
This fixes a few bugs, adds more features, and hopefully has all of those "watch doesn't boot sometimes/at all" issues worked out.


You should of course try to compile the code in this repository, you will need a JDK from Oracle and Apache Ant. This way you can contribute by making changes and pushing back your improvements. Note that the repository has submodules:

If you, on the other hand, just want to get started quickly:


All you need to do is write your code in the IDE, and hit compile.
The IDE will compile AND initiate the programming process...

BUT - the watch needs to be in DFU bootloader mode! (also read this if you brick your watch)


This project is in the search for contributors! Here is a non exhaustive list of features that would make everyone happy:

  • get the export button to upload to the watch and separate the functionality from the Verify (tick) button
  • make a tool to make a security copy of the current firmware in the Watch, store it in a folder of your liking and allow uploading again once you are done playing around
  • mod the UI, remove the Arduino icon (someone invent an icon, please)
  • more examples, cute examples, kinky examples, games, interactive toys
  • serial communication over USB, 'coz, how cool would it be to debug the code somehow
  • translate some small sentences here and there
  • better error messages ... they come from CLI and look ugly
  • a Windows installer wouldn't hurt
  • if you know how to compile dfu-util using libusb as a static reference, please contact us
  • change the names of the executables
  • improve the core libraries (still no accelerometer support, rtc code is broken)
  • make documentation here -
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