2D spherical and Cartesian triangulation toolkit using tripack, stripack, srfpack and ssrfpack
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A Python interface to TRIPACK and STRIPACK Fortran code for (constrained) triangulation in Cartesian coordinates and on a sphere. Stripy is an object-oriented package and includes routines from SRFPACK and SSRFPACK for interpolation (nearest neighbor, linear and hermite cubic) and to evaluate derivatives (Renka 1996a,b and 1997a,b).

stripy is bundled with litho1pt0 which is a python interface to the crust 1.0 dataset and the lithospheric part of the litho 1.0 dataset (Laske et al, 2013 and Pasyanos et al, 2014) which both requires and demonstrates the triangulation / searching and interpolation on the sphere that is provided by stripy.


Sample images created with stripy illustrating the meshing capability, the ability to refine meshes to match criteria such as data density, and the ability to create distance-weighted averages to meshes and continuous interpolating functions


Launch the demonstration at mybinder.org


Navigation / Notebooks

There are two matching sets of stripy notebooks - one set for Cartesian Triangulations and one for Spherical Triangulations. For most geographical applications, the spherical triangulations are the natural choice as they expect longitude and latitude coordinates (admittedly in radians).

Note: the Cartesian and Spherical notebooks can be obtained / installed from stripy itself as follows:

   python -c 'import stripy; stripy.documentation.install_documentation(path="Notebooks")'   




Note, these examples are the notebooks from litho1pt0 which are installed from the package itself:

   python -c 'import litho1pt0; litho1pt0.documentation.install_documentation(path="Notebooks")'

The first three notebooks are an introduction to litho1pt0 that does not explicitly mention stripy but the next two worked examples show how to search, interpolate and plot with the help of stripy routines.


To install (numpy and fortran compiler, preferably gfortran, required):

python setup.py build
  • If you change the fortran compiler, you may have to add the flags config_fc --fcompiler=<compiler name> when setup.py is run (see docs for numpy.distutils).
python setup.py install

Alternatively install using pip:

pip install [--user] stripy


Two classes are included as part of the Stripy package:

  • sTriangulation (Spherical coordinates)
  • Triangulation (Cartesian coordinates)

These classes share similar methods and can be easily interchanged. In addition, there are many helper functions provided for building

A series of tests are located in the tests subdirectory.


A more straightforward installation which does not depend on specific compilers relies on the docker virtualisation system.

To install the docker image and test it is working:

   docker pull lmoresi/stripy:latest
   docker run --rm lmoresi/stripy:latest help

To install the helper scripts for bash:

   docker run --rm lmoresi/stripy:latest bash_utils > bash_utils.sh
   source bash_utils.sh

( you may find it helpful to move/rename this file and source it from your bash profile at login time )

The bash_utils.sh script installs the following functions which are available through the bash command line:


For more information on these functions, run

  source bash_utils.sh

To use the docker version as you would, say, using ipython to type on the command line:

   source bash_utils.sh  # (only needs to be done once)

To use the docker version to run a script

   source bash_utils.sh  # (only needs to be done once)
   stripy-docker-sh my_python_script.py


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