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A framework for geometric & temporal representation for robots
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Underworlds: Geometric & Temporal Representation for Robots

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A screenshot of underworlds, used in the human-robot interaction scenario

Underworlds is a distributed and lightweight framework that aims at sharing between clients parallel models of the physical world surrounding a robot.

The clients can be geometric reasoners (that compute topological relations between objects), motion planner, event monitors, viewers... any software that need to access a geometric (based on 3D meshes of objects) and/or temporal (based on events) view of the world.

One of the main specific feature of Underworlds is the ability to store many parallel worlds: past models of the environment, future models, models with some objects filtered out, models that are physically consistent, etc.

This package provides the library, and a small set of core clients that are useful for inspection and debugging.

Change log.


Please refer to the installation documentation.

Running the unit-tests

Underworlds provides a few unit-tests. Run them with:

> cd testing
> ./


Head to readthedocs. Sparse for now.

See also

  • underworlds is one of the child of LAAS' SPARK (publication)
  • The situation assessment framework toaster is another child of SPARK, developed at LAAS
  • M. Naef, E. Lamboray, O. Staadt, and M. Gross, The blue-c distributed scene graph
  • Bustos, Pablo, et al. A Unified Internal Representation of the Outer World for Social Robotics. Robot 2015: Second Iberian Robotics Conference. Springer International Publishing, 2016.
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