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Our UpdateCase APP gives your marketing staff -without any technical knowledge or HTML experience- all the tools to easily and efficiently add text and images to the website. UpdateCase gives you the option of letting undoLogic or any web developer of your choice to focus on the more profound integral challenging aspects of website creation. This allows both, marketing staff and professional programmers, to work to their full potential, an excellent arrangement that can save time and money, reducing technical debt, and launching the website sooner.

Extends SetupCase

Our system extends SetupCase which is an open-source system allowing you to efficiently build and manage online software and business websites: Or here is a direct link to the SetupCase-boilerplate:

Step 1: Download UpdateCase client

After you have finished preparing all your source files with setupCase download our open-source client AND download to your source files webroot: app/webroot/updateCase.php

Step 2: Configure Token

Ensure the token matches in the UpdateCase client to your settings screen (

Step 3: Integrate Content

Replace all your content in your website with UpdateCase library calls. The most efficient way to do this is to use the <> code snippets on our software (

For a full list of the API - logon to our software at

Step 4: Reset

UpdateCase downloads a json file to (app/Config/Schema/###). You can delete this file and it will force the software to re-download the latest version

Step 5: Test

You should now be able to see content you added on into your website.


This is also available from within our software


getMetaTitle(), getMetaDescription(), getMetaKeywords()
Allows to control your SEO / organic search engine tags within updateCase

# Add to your layout within the head tags
    <title><?= $updateCase->getMetaTitle(); ?></title>
    <meta name="description" content="<?= $updateCase->getMetaDescription(); ?>">
    <meta name="keywords" content="<?= $updateCase->getMetaKeywords(); ?>">

About project base - Add any language on top and launch your projects using Ansible / Docker






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