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app highlighting hyphenated common names when non-hyphenated query in CIT…
config reduce sidekiq concurrency in production
db fixed typo
doc fixed geo_entities
lib populating higher taxa for hybrids after save
log added .gitignore file. updated database file to use sapi_development …
public Added dependents_updated_at field to internal downloads
script rails-api initial commit
spec allow search by 'collared' and 'red collared' to retrieve 'red-collar…
vendor Putting out culprit instance var for testing on staging
.gitignore remove schema.rb from version control
.hound.yml make hound use the disabled rubocop config file
.project rails-api initial commit
.rspec rspec output formatting
.rubocop.yml added a liberal rubocop / hound config
.rubocop_todo.yml added a liberal rubocop / hound config
.ruby-version deploy with ruby-2.0.0-p643
.travis.yml Added exception notification for slack bumped version
Capfile logging deployments to new_relic
Gemfile fixed require in Gemfile
Gemfile.lock Fixed api page issue and moved nonsense to class methods to tidy up c…
Guardfile rails-api initial commit
LICENSE Added license file
README.rdoc replaced outdated content with link to wiki
Rakefile only load jslint tasks in development mode rails-api initial commit



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Species+ is the new species integration platform developed at WCMC.

More information in the wiki.

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