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Unfiltered Websockets

A minimal server Websocket interface for Unfiltered.


The simplest way to embed a websocket server is within a main method.

object Main {
  def main(args: Array[String]) {
    var sockets = new scala.collection.mutable.ListBuffer[WebSocket]()
    WebSocketServer("/", 8080) {
      case Open(s) => sockets += s
      case Message(s, Text(str)) => sockets foreach(_.send(str.reverse))
      case Close(s) => sockets -= s
      case Error(s, e) => println("error %s" format e.getMessage)

Under the covers this generates a Netty handler that defines the following PartialFunction

PartialFunction[netty.RequestBinding => PartialFunction[netty.websocket.SocketCallback => Unit]]

The above example is equivalent to a handler of the format

   case GET(Path("/")) => {
     case Open(socket) => ...
     case Message(s, Text(str)) => ..

A WebSocketServer responds to a PartialFunction on SocketCallback objects.

SocketCallback objects are an enumeration of the same types of functions a client would respond to.

  • Open(socket) is fired when a browser connects the server and takes as its a web socket that can be written to
  • Message(socket, msg) is fired when a browser sends a message to the server and takes as its arguments the socket that sent the message and the Msg itself
  • Close(socket) is fired when a clients websocket connection is closed
  • Error(socket, err) is fired when an exception occurred within the process of handling a websocket request and takes as its arguments the socket being served and the Throwable error that occurred

This interface doesn't require you respond to all messages.

An example of a subscription based service where clients receive msgs as they arrive from some remote source might look like

object Main {
  def main(args: Array[String]) {
    val tweets = Twitter(Auth(...))
    WebSocketServer("/twttr", 8080) {
      case Open(s) => tweets onTweet { twt =>

To mix in websockets in with a Netty HTTP server, use the full Plan.Intent function to build a Plan with Planify

      case Path("/foo") => {
         case Open(socket) =>
   // onPass overrides default connection closing on invalid websocket requests
   // and sends control flow  upstream to the next ChannelHandler
      case Path("/bar") =>