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translationCore v1.0 Release Notes

1.0 Release Notes

Release 1.0 Overview

With this release, translationCore now supports checking any book of the New Testament with the translationWords tool. Checking can be completed in any Gateway Language that has the needed lexical and source material for the New Testament. Since Gateway Language translation and alignment work is ongoing and continually updated, translationCore now allows users to check for this new content (or other supplemental translations) whenever they want.

Major New Features

Two new features are available in this release:

  • New Testament Support for translationWords - All the key theological terms in any translation for any book of the New Testament may now be checked with this tool. Gateway Language support is fully enabled with this tool but requires translationWords to be translated and at least one New Testament book to be aligned to the Greek.
  • Dynamic Source Content Update - Users may now dynamically check for any new or supplemental content that has been published to the Door43 Catalog. As additional Gateway Language resources are added to the Catalog, they may be dynamically imported into translationCore which will "unlock" new books or languages from which to check.

Other New Features

  • Select and move multiple words at once - In the Word Alignment tool, a user may now multi-select any number of words from the word bank and move them all at the same time.
  • Various bug fixes - A number of bug fixes and performance enhancements were successfully performed.

You may also see the full Changelog here.

Known bugs

There are a number of known bugs in this release:

  • Reimported projects do not update verse edits log - This will affect the edit history. (Track here.)
  • Blank imports of USFM3 projects from Door43 - Importing USFM3 projects from Door43 is not supported in this release, but if the user tries, the process is completed but produces a blank project. (Track here.)
  • No warning issued for 0.7 (or earlier) projects - Projects from tC version 0.7 or earlier are no longer supported. For existing projects on a machine being upgraded to 1.0, no warning is displayed when the project is selected, and the app appears to do nothing. (Track here.)
  • Poor performance - Though not technically a bug, the time needed to load projects and navigate within the tools (especially on older, slower machines) is longer than desired. (Track here.)
  • Inadvertent reset alignments warnings - tC will inadvertently warn users of changes that have caused alignments to be reset when in fact nothing has been reset. (Track here.)
  • Progress indicator mistakenly reads 0% - For projects that have been (partially) aligned in the Word Alignment tool, the progress in the indicator on the tool card may read 0%, especially after upgrading the app version. (Track here.)
  • Intermittent inability to save selections containing special characters - In some instances, selections containing special characters cannot be saved. (Track here.)

Product Overview

The much-awaited release of translationCore 1.0 is now here! Here is a brief overview of what translationCore can do.

  • General functions
    • User management - Log in with Door43 credentials or continue as Guest
    • Data management - All actions performed on the text are captured in the project's metadata
    • Project local import/export - Move projects from your file system to translationCore and back
    • Project upload/download from Door43 - Move projects from Door43 to translationCore and back
    • Project re-import - Re-import a project with updated text without losing the existing alignments and checking data
    • Export all checking data to CSV - Access all checking, edit, comment, and bookmark data
    • Support for USFM2 and USFM3 - Import and export projects using industry-standard format
    • Localized user interface - App can be localized into any language (see below)
    • Dynamic source content update - Update source content from Door43 Catalog
    • Check for software update - Check to see if current version of app is up to date
  • translationWords tool
    • Gateway Languages support - The source text and all translation helps can be changed to the Gateway Language the speaker knows best.
      • Note: The code for this is complete and in tC, but for this to be beneficial to the user, there must be translated and aligned content. Content teams are working in many Gateway Languages to complete the necessary content. As more source content is made available via the Door43 Catalog, it may be updated in translationCore via "Source Content Update". This release contains the source content to check the full New Testament from English and check Titus from Hindi.
      • Example: The Portuguese content team completes translating translationWords and 1 John. They also align 1 John to the Greek. They then publish this to the Door43 Catalog. A translationCore user does a "Source Content Update" and downloads Portuguese. Since all the dependencies for translationWords have been met, the app will now add the option to check 1 John from Portuguese.
    • Full New Testament support* - Check any book of the New Testament
    • Pre-identified "checklist" for all key theological terms - Ensure nothing is accidently skipped by working through the pre-identified list
    • View parallel translations* - Reference original language and gateway language resources alongside the target translation
    • Highlighted translation of check in aligned parallel translation - All aligned Gateway translations are pre-highlighted to show how the current check was translated.
    • Select your translation for all key theological terms - Select how the word being checked was translated
    • Just-in-time learning - Read the translationWords, and translationAcademy articles to better understand the concept and how to translate it
    • Verse edit* - If the translation can be improved, the user may edit the translation for the verse
    • Comment - The user may leave a free-form comment on the check
    • Bookmark your check - The user may bookmark any check for future reference
    • Filter checks - The list of checks may be filtered to help the user find what they are looking for
    • Invalidated checks support* - If a verse is edited in such a way that it changes what has already been selected in a different check, the user is notified that the check has been invalidated and they must redo that work
    • Original language lexicon* - A basic original language lexicon is available
  • Word Alignment tool
    • Drag and drop alignment - Users may drag the words of their translation from a word list and drop it on the original language word(s) to which it correlates
    • Various alignment pairing options - One-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many pairings are all supported
    • Alignment memory suggestions - Each translation/original pairing is saved so that if this pairing comes up in a future verse, the pairing is suggested

*also in Word Alignment tool

translationCore is free and both the software and all its content are open licensed. It is our prayer that this software will help facilitate the checking of Bible translations and will result in the growth and strengthening of the Church.

The Road Ahead

2018-09 tc simplified roadmap 001

Now that translationCore has full New Testament support, continued development will turn next to expanding the Word Alignment tool to include Old Testament support. Since checking support requires aligned text, this feature will open the door for the alignment teams to prepare for eventual Old Testament support for checking tools.

After this, the current plan is to add more checking tools. First, translationWords will be expanded beyond just key theological terms to include other important terms and names. Next, a new tool will be created that focuses on semantic, cultural, genre, and grammatical checks. After this, a new platform for checking tools will be created that will allow users to create their own checks and import them into translationCore. Everything will function the same, except the checks being performed will be user-created.

By this point, the content teams should be well on their way to providing the needed content and alignment data required for Old Testament support in all the checking tools.

We Need Your Help!

There are two major ways you can help us improve translationCore:

  • Leave user feedback - As you find bugs, nuisances, typos, or have other suggested improvements for tC, please use the user feedback to send us those suggestions! (Go to the Actions menu and click "User Feedback".)
  • Improved localization - We are using a crowd-sourced platform to localize translationCore. If you notice that some of the translated user interface verbiage can be improved, please update the text for us! You can do this by navigating to https://crowdin.com/project/translationcore, creating a user profile, finding the correct word or phrase that needs to be improved, and suggesting a change! (Note: these changes will not be incorporated until the next release of tC.)

How to Install

The installation files are available on the translationCore v1.0 release page.

Windows Only

  • The installation may include installing an update to the .Net framework. After the installation completes, a .Net install dialog may remain on the screen. If that happens just click Cancel.
  • The installation of Git is part of the installation process. If Git 2.9.2 or greater is not already on the computer, ensure the the checkbox for installing Git is checked on the installation dialog. At the end of the installation if automatically starting tC, you may receive a message indicating that Git needs to be installed. If that message appears, just click the "Close translationCore" button, then restart tC (the app, not the installation).
  • After installation, starting the application can take a long time (7+ minutes on some machines). Please be patient. Subsequent launches of tC will be faster, but may still take a few minutes.

Mac Only

  • Install latest Git if Git 2.9.2 if it is not already on the computer.
    • Go to https://git-scm.com/download/mac and the executable should automatically download.
    • If your download hasn't started, click the link that says "Click here to download manually."
    • Open the downloaded file
    • If your Mac's permissions did not allow the installation to start then follow the following instructions:
    • Go to System preferences
    • Open Security & privacy
    • Click on the "Open anyway" button at the bottom
    • Then click open
    • The installation should automatically start.
    • Click continue
    • Then Install
  • It might take a few minutes to open tC the first time. Please be patient.
  • If you have updated to High Sierra and get a message about Git being required, you will need to open your terminal and run xcode-select --install