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The goals for translationDatabase are to manage and track data for languages and the progress of getting unrestricted biblical content into every language.

For more information on the unfoldingWord project, see the About page.

Data Sources

A lot of the sources of data are pull into and managed as repo as part of the Debian project called simply, ISO Codes.

In Use

Other Potential Sources

Getting Started

To setup a new working environment of this project, several items are needed:

  • Python (consult the requirements.txt for specific libraries/packages)
  • Redis
  • Postgres
  • Node

Building Static Media

npm install
npm run watch     # run a watcher on the static folder
npm run build     # builds static and exits
npm run buildprod # builds for production (uglify/minification)

Initialize the Database

After installing requirements (via pip) within your environment or virtualenv:

  • python migrate
  • python loaddata sites
  • python loaddata uw_network_seed
  • python loaddata uw_region_seed
  • python loaddata uw_title_seed
  • python loaddata uw_media_seed
  • python loaddata additional-languages
  • python reload_imports

At this point, the basic country and language datasets will be populated but without many optional fields or extra data.

Updating the /exports/langnames.json and /exports/langnames_short.json endpoints

When languages are added or updated, run this command to update the data locally:

python rebuild_langnames

Switch to the master branch and run this command to update the data on the server:

ec run web python rebuild_langnames