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unfold+mixed models = unmixed | alpha version!
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This extension is still being developed and needs optimization for speed and additional tests. Use at your own risk!. Probably best to contact me prior to using it to get to know the quirks :-)

Unfold + Mixed Models = unmixed

Deconvolution, non linear modeling and Mixed Modeling toolbox

Specify y~1 + A + (1 + A|subject) + (1+C|image) Item and Subject Effects!


git clone
git submodule update --init --recursive

Minimal Example:

input = [];
for k = 1:30
    % you can also add item effects by the adding the flag 'randomItem', 1
    % in simulate_data_lmm. The betas / thetas are currently hardcoded because I'm lazy
    input{k} = simulate_data_lmm('noise',10,...

EEG = um_designmat(input,'eventtypes','fixation','formula','y~1+A+(1+A|subject)');

EEG= um_timeexpandDesignmat(EEG,'timelimits',[-0.1,0.5]);

% Currently I recommend the bobyqa optimizer. Seems to be faster
model_fv = um_mmfit(EEG,input,'channel',1,'optimizer','bobyqa','covariance','FullCholeksy'); % Todo: Directly read covariance from formula like lme4

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