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Unga Rörelsehindrade

Note: This project and its documentation are still under active development, so use it in production on your own risk

Main site for Unga Rörelsehindrade – Developed and designed by Johnie Hjelm


Get started

This project is easy to get started with. Clone the git repository and install all required packages and WordPress with composer. Then you can run vagrant up to get the Vagrant box up and running.

Using vassh you can create the database:

/path/to/ungarh$ vassh "mysql -uroot -proot -e'create database ungarh'"

And then install the WordPress site using vassh and WP-CLI:

/path/to/ungarh$ vassh "wp core install --title='Unga Rörelsehindrade' --admin_user='admin' --admin_password='password' --admin_email='' --url=''"

Then you should be able to access your WordPress site on



WordPress and some required plugins and other packages are installed with composer.


/path/to/ungarh$ composer install


This project uses Fabric for deployment. Create a file called (example) and change it so it fits your needs and deploy the web/ directory.

You should read the Fabric-documentation!

Helper functions


Check if the post or the current post has the given post type. Will return true or false.

urh_is_post_stype([$id,] $post_type)


Check if request method is the same as the given method. Will return true or false.



Remove trailing dobule or/and single quote. Will return string without trailing quotes.



urh_remove_trailing_quotes('\"hello\"') => '"hello"'

Get the current url. If passing true to the function it will parse the url with parse_url and return it as a object. If not it will return it just a string.

urh_current_url($parse = false)

Folder structure

Below this text you can se the folder structure. This is not a regular WordPress structure. A config directory where all your WordPress and other configuration exists.

The vendor map is for packages installed with composer and other external packagqes.

The web directory is the custom wp-content directory, controllers is the theme. No themes directory exists.

The views directory contains twig templates that is renderd with Timber.

The lib directory is the mu-plugins directory, so there is where your functions.php code will be, since that code will always be loaded.

If you are using external plugins that creates directory in wp-content directory then you will have more directories in the web directory and that can be ugly!

The WordPress system has it owns directory wp that are inside web. Basically you can move the wp one level up and configure so it loads the right way.

|-- config
    |-- application.php
    |-- deploy.rb
    |-- deploy/
    	|-- production.rb
    	|-- staging.rb
	|-- environment.php
	|-- environments
		|-- development.php
		|-- production.php
		|-- staging.php
	|-- tests.php
|-- tests
	|-- cases
		|-- test-example.php
	|-- data
	|-- includes
		|-- bootstrap.php
		|-- loader.php
	|-- wp
		|-- ...
|-- vendors
|-- web
	|-- assets
		|-- css
		|-- images
		|-- js
		|-- uploads
	|-- controllers
		|-- index.php
		|-- page.php
		|-- single.php
		|-- style.css
	|-- lib
		|-- application.php
		|-- assets.php
		|-- ungarh
			|-- ...
		|-- ungarh.php
	|-- vendor
		  |-- plugins
	|-- views
		|-- base.twig
		|-- index.twig
		|-- page.twig
		|-- single.twig
		|-- partials
			|-- footer.twig
			|-- head.twig
	|-- wp
		|-- ...

Unit Test

This project is prepared work with WordPress Automated Testing. You have to checkout the wordpress-develop repository.

/path/to/ungarh$ svn co tests/wp

Then you should be able to run phpunit in path/to/ungarh directory. Phpunit is configured to run all tests in tests/cases directory.


WP-Cron is disabled and you have to do a cron job on your machine to get it working again or remove the definition that disables WP-Cron.


This project works with WP-CLI just like any other WordPress project would. ungarh includes wp-cli.yml configuration file and is configure to run in web/wp directory. Use this config file for any further configuration.

You can use vassh to run WP CLI command outside of Vagrant or use wp-cli-ssh.


/path/to/ungarh$ vassh wp post list
| ID | post_title   | post_name   | post_date           | post_status |
| 1  | Hello world! | hello-world | 2014-10-26 08:23:10 | publish     |
Connection to closed.


Main repository for Unga Rörelsehindrade



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