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package model
import (
// ""
// todo change data type
type GeoLocation struct {
Longitude Float
Latitude Float
func (self *GeoLocation) String() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%v / %v", self.Longitude, self.Latitude)
func (self *GeoLocation) SetString(str string) error {
// At the moment GeoLocation will be handled as a struct of Float,
// so there is no value for GeoLocation itself when calling SetString
// from Form, only two separate Floats for the struct.
// That's why we ignore an empty string for the moment
if str == "" {
return nil
panic("not implemented")
func (self *GeoLocation) IsEmpty() bool {
return false
func (self *GeoLocation) Required(metaData *MetaData) bool {
return metaData.BoolAttrib(StructTagKey, "required")
func (self *GeoLocation) Validate(metaData *MetaData) error {
return nil
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