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package view
import (
// SessionTracker
type SessionTracker interface {
ID(ctx *Context) (id string, ok bool)
SetID(ctx *Context, id string)
DeleteID(ctx *Context)
const sessionIdCookie = "gostart_sid"
// CookieSessionTracker
type CookieSessionTracker struct {
func (self *CookieSessionTracker) ID(ctx *Context) (id string, ok bool) {
return ctx.Request.GetSecureCookie(sessionIdCookie)
func (self *CookieSessionTracker) SetID(ctx *Context, id string) {
ctx.Response.SetSecureCookie(sessionIdCookie, id, 0, "/")
func (self *CookieSessionTracker) DeleteID(ctx *Context) {
ctx.Response.SetSecureCookie(sessionIdCookie, "delete", -time.Now().Unix(), "/")
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