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package view
// Image
type Image struct {
Class string
URL URL // If URL is set, then Src will be ignored
Src string // String URL of the image, used when URL is nil
Width int
Height int
Description string
func (self *Image) Render(response *Response) (err error) {
response.XML.AttribIfNotDefault("class", self.Class)
src := self.Src
if self.URL != nil {
src = self.URL.URL(response)
response.XML.Attrib("src", src)
response.XML.AttribIfNotDefault("width", self.Width)
response.XML.AttribIfNotDefault("height", self.Height)
response.XML.AttribIfNotDefault("alt", self.Description)
return nil
//func (self *Image) SetClass(class string) {
// self.Class = class
// ViewChanged(self)
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