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Demonstrates the basic setup of a site with an URL structure

Views are defined in sub-directories of the "views" directory. The directory structure mimics the URL structure with the exception that root views are defined in the "views/root" directory instead of in "views".

"views" contains a paths.go file where variables for all views and the URL structure get declared. "views" has no dependencies on its sub packages, so views with can be imported in all sub packages to access the variables for all views (usually to get their URL).

If views have URL arguments, then the index of the URL argument is added to the package name (see user_0 below).

  • Project directory
    • config.json
    • main.go
    • views
      • paths.go
      • root
        • homepage.go
        • getjson.go
        • getxml.go
      • admin
        • admin.go
        • user_0
          • user_0.go

Download, build and run example:

go get github.com/ungerik/go-start/examples/ViewPaths
go install github.com/ungerik/go-start/examples/ViewPaths && ViewPaths