A static resource manager.
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Deprecated! Use foso-cdn instead

A static resources manager.

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npm install -g ung

Creating an ung package

An ung package has to have a package.json in its root directory. The ung specific options should be in the "ungConfig" section of the json file. The available options are:

  • src - the directory which will contain the bundled resources. The bundled resources are pushed to the ung server. The default value is ./dist.
  • bundle - an array of commands that bundle the package.
  • registry - the URL address of the ung server. The default value is http://localhost:9595

Here is an example of a package.json file of an ung package:

  "name": "foo",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "ungConfig": {
    "src": "./dist",
    "bundle": [
      "rm -rf dist",
      "gulp build"
    "registry": "http://localhost:9595"


ung publish

Packs and sends the package to the ung server.

ung push

Adds a package to a reference.

Usage Example:

ung push main.js foo@3.21.2

This command adds the 3.21.2 version of the foo package to the main.js reference.

In order to remove a package from a reference the : character has to be added before the package name:

ung push main.js :foo

This command will remove the foo package from the main.js reference.


The MIT License (MIT)