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pip install -r requirements.txt
cd mesh_events
npm install -g webpack@1.12; npm install


calendar server

  • python
  • serves iCalendar file
    • later, serves it from a live source

aggregator (server)

  • uses mdns to discover calendars being offered
  • concatenates them
  • makes concatenated file available (also via mdns?)
  • combine with the calendar server

aggregate client

  • discover aggregator server
  • pulls aggregated calendar file
  • react frontend served from local aggregator server

user experience

  • user installs the server (git clone + python)
    • package into a binary / one click install script?
  • user visits localhost:OURPORT
  • subscribes to calendars by generating URLs


  • Expand to generalized discovery service with specific calendar section
    • Add a TXT key to the DNS responses that designate they are discoverable by our service
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