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Arch Linux packaging for ungoogled-chromium
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Arch Linux packaging for ungoogled-chromium.


Available in the AUR as ungoogled-chromium

  • NOTE: ungoogled-chromium-bin is not officially part of ungoogled-chromium. Please submit all issues to the maintainer of the PKGBUILD.

Alternatively, get builds from the Contributor Binaries website.

Source Code: It is recommended to use a tag. You may also use master, but it is for development and may not be stable.


You only need to download the PKGBUILD from this repository. After that, run this command:


If the build succeeds, you can run makepkg --install or pacman -U ungoogled-chromium-*pkgver*.tar.xz. Running the latter requires you to be in sudo or root.

Hardware Requirements

  • A 64-bit system is required, as Arch has dropped 32-bit support. 8 GB of RAM is highly recommended (per the document in the Chromium source tree under docs/

Developer info

Update submodule

The submodule is primarily needed for devutils. Use devutils/ to update the submodule.

Update patches

You need to clone the entire repository, along with the submodules, with this command:

git clone --recurse-submodules

You should update the submodule first. After that, do this entire section below:

./devutils/ merge
source devutils/

# Setup Chromium source
mkdir -p build/{src,download_cache}
./ungoogled-chromium/utils/ retrieve -i ungoogled-chromium/downloads.ini -c build/download_cache
./ungoogled-chromium/utils/ unpack -i ungoogled-chromium/downloads.ini -c build/download_cache build/src

cd build/src
# Use quilt to refresh patches. See ungoogled-chromium's docs/ section "Updating patches" for more details
quilt pop -a

cd ../../
# Remove all patches introduced by ungoogled-chromium
./devutils/ unmerge
# Ensure patches/series is formatted correctly, e.g. blank lines

# Sanity checking for consistency in series file

# Use git to add changes and commit

Afterwards, update _ungoogled_version in PKGBUILD to the same tag the submodule is using (cd into the submodule, then use git describe to get the needed tag).



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