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* Update PATCH_DROP_LIST to account for renamed patches:

  - disable/privacy-sandbox.patch
  - ungoogled/core/.../disable-web-environment-integrity.patch

* Update some PATCH_DROP_LIST comment verbiage

* Fix check-git_warning invocation to account for a non-local/renamed

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This repository contains files to build Debian packages of ungoogled-chromium.

These are the new unified packaging files which are designed to be built directly from the git repository and serve as a single set of packaging files for all Debian or Ubuntu releases newer than and including the currently oldest supported release, Jammy.

Even so we will only be supporting a subset of the available distributions. These are currently:

  • Debian Sid
  • Ubuntu Jammy
  • Ubuntu Lunar

All releases shall be supported on a best-effort basis. x86_64 is the only architecture we can be reliably test so any other architectures will only be guaranteed to be buildable at best. Older releases may be dropped at any time if they are too difficult to continue to support due to how bleeding edge Chromium tends to be.

Getting OBS packages

We now defer to here: OBS Setup Instructions

Also note, if you have added the repository previously, you may eventually get errors about expired keys. This is due to how OBS generates repository keys and we have no known way to control it. At present the only known solution is to redo the steps for adding the repository key as OBS does regenerate it eventually with a new expiration date.

Building a binary package

# Install initial packages
sudo apt install -y devscripts equivs

# Clone repository and switch to it (optional if are already in it)
git clone
cd ungoogled-chromium-debian

# Initiate the submodules (optional if they are already initiated)
git submodule update --init --recursive

# Prepare the local source
debian/rules setup

# Install missing packages
sudo mk-build-deps -i debian/control
rm ungoogled-chromium-build-deps_*

# Build the package
dpkg-buildpackage -b -uc