Modifications to apa.cls to correspond (slightly more) to APA 6th
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One or two modifications to apa.cls and apacite.bst (which are based on APA 5th) to make them look more like APA 6th.

Very incomplete. If you have APA 6th modifications to apa.cls or apacite.bst, I'd love to have them in here :-)


Optionally edit the TEXMF path in Makefile and type make install to install the relevant files.

If you use writer2latex from the command-line, the file zotero-apacls.xml provides a configuration that seems to work quite well with OpenOffice documents (even ones that have Zotero references).

Changes so far:

  • Bold font on the headings used in ThreeLevelHeading (leveltwo, levelfour, levelfive)
  • Output DOI in references (copied from jovcite.bst)
  • Output URL in references only if there is no DOI


  • APA 6th merged all those headings alternatives into one, so really the default should be FiveLevelHeading and the other alternatives should be removed.