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If you want “intelligent” bash completion on TAB for apertium, lttoolbox, vislcg3 and hfst, do e.g.:

$ git clone ~/apertium-completion

and add this to your ~/.bashrc:

if ! shopt -oq posix && \
   [[ ( -z "$INSIDE_EMACS" || "$EMACS_BASH_COMPLETE" = "t" ) ]]; then
    for f in ~/apertium-completion/completions/*; do
        [[ -f $f ]] && source "$f"

Alternatively, if your OS sources files from e.g. /etc/bash_completion_d automatically, just sudo cp ~/apertium-completion/completions/* /etc/bash_completion_d/ (then you don’t have to add anything to ~/.bashrc).

Now open a new terminal and try typing apertium and press TAB twice, you should get a list of installed language pairs; apertium -d . and TAB twice should show you a list of the possible translation modes in this directory; etc.