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# Copyright (C) 2010 BuddyPress
# This file is distributed under the same license as the BuddyPress package.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: BuddyPress \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2011-09-20 22:31:12+00:00\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2011-10-04 23:33+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
"Language-Team: LANGUAGE <>\n"
"Language: \n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-loader.php:24 bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:370
msgid "Site Tracking"
msgstr "Bloggsporing"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-loader.php:58
msgid "Search sites..."
msgstr "Søkjeresultat"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-loader.php:108
msgid "Sites <span>%d</span>"
msgstr "Vener <span>(%d)</span>"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-loader.php:148 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:487
msgid "Sites"
msgstr "Nettstader"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-loader.php:155 bp-blogs/bp-blogs-loader.php:176
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-buddybar.php:25 bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:105
msgid "My Sites"
msgstr "Favorittane mine"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-activity.php:17
msgid "New site created"
msgstr "Ny nettstad oppretta"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-activity.php:18
msgid "New post published"
msgstr ""
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-activity.php:19
msgid "New post comment posted"
msgstr ""
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-buddybar.php:37 bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:117
#: bp-core/bp-core-buddybar.php:481
msgid "Dashboard"
msgstr "Kontrollpult"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-buddybar.php:38 bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:120
#: bp-core/bp-core-buddybar.php:485
msgid "New Post"
msgstr "Nytt innlegg"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-buddybar.php:39 bp-core/bp-core-buddybar.php:486
msgid "Manage Posts"
msgstr "Handsam innlegg"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-buddybar.php:40 bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:121
#: bp-core/bp-core-buddybar.php:487
msgid "Manage Comments"
msgstr "Handsam kommentarar"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-buddybar.php:53
msgid "Create a Site!"
msgstr "Opprett ein nettstad!"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:135
msgctxt "Blog pagination previous text"
msgid "&larr;"
msgstr ""
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:136
msgctxt "Blog pagination next text"
msgid "&rarr;"
msgstr "&rarr;"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:258
msgid "Viewing site %1$s to %2$s (of %3$s sites)"
msgstr "Viser nettstad %1$s til %2$s (av %3$s nettstader)"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:282
#: bp-activity/bp-activity-template.php:1000
msgid "Site authored by %s"
msgstr ""
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:345 bp-core/bp-core-classes.php:175
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:70 bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:170
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:559
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:833
#: bp-themes/bp-default/forums/single/forum-header.php:13
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/groups-loop.php:47
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/group-header.php:42
msgid "active %s"
msgstr "aktiv %s"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:357
msgid "Latest Post: %s"
msgstr "Siste innlegg: %s"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:421
msgid "There was a problem, please correct the form below and try again."
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod eit problem, ver venleg og rett opp skjemaet under og prøv igjen."
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:424
msgid ""
"By filling out the form below, you can <strong>add a site to your account</"
"strong>. There is no limit to the number of sites that you can have, so "
"create to your heart's content, but blog responsibly!"
msgstr ""
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:426
msgid ""
"If you&#8217;re not going to use a great domain, leave it for a new user. "
"Now have at it!"
msgstr ""
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:435
msgid "Create Site"
msgstr ""
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:449
msgid "Site Name:"
msgstr ""
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:451
msgid "Site Domain:"
msgstr ""
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:465
msgid "Your address will be "
msgstr "Adressa di vil verta"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:468
msgid "blogname"
msgstr "bloggnamn"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:470
msgid "domain."
msgstr "domene."
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:473
msgid ""
"Must be at least 4 characters, letters and numbers only. It cannot be "
"changed so choose carefully!)"
msgstr ""
"Må vera minst 4 teikn, berre bokstavar og nummer. Det kan ikkje endrast, så "
"vel omhyggelig!)"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:479
msgid "Site Title:"
msgstr "Nettstadtittel"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:490
msgid "Privacy:"
msgstr "Personvern:"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:491
#: bp-themes/bp-default/registration/register.php:202
msgid ""
"I would like my site to appear in search engines, and in public listings "
"around this network."
msgstr "Eg ynskjer at nettstaden min dukkar opp i søkjemotorar, og i offentlege lister på denne nettstaden."
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:495 bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:111
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:121 bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:129
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:137 bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:147
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:159 bp-friends/bp-friends-screens.php:69
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:827 bp-messages/bp-messages-screens.php:150
#: bp-themes/bp-default/registration/register.php:205
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/admin.php:26
#: bp-activity/bp-activity-screens.php:281
msgid "Yes"
msgstr "Ja"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:499 bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:112
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:122 bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:130
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:138 bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:148
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:160 bp-friends/bp-friends-screens.php:70
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:828 bp-messages/bp-messages-screens.php:151
#: bp-themes/bp-default/registration/register.php:206
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/admin.php:27
#: bp-activity/bp-activity-screens.php:282
msgid "No"
msgstr "Nei"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:553
msgid "Congratulations! You have successfully registered a new site."
msgstr ""
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:555
msgid ""
"<a href=\"%1$s\">%2$s</a> is your new site. <a href=\"%3$s\">Login</a> as "
"\"%4$s\" using your existing password."
msgstr ""
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:566 bp-core/bp-core-filters.php:318
#: bp-themes/bp-default/blogs/index.php:23
#: bp-themes/bp-default/blogs/create.php:21
msgid "Create a Site"
msgstr "Opprett ein nettstad"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:579
msgid "%s's Sites"
msgstr "Nettstadene til %s"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:580
msgid "%s's Recent Posts"
msgstr "%s sine nyaste innlegg"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:581
msgid "%s's Recent Comments"
msgstr "%s sine nyaste kommentarar"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:596 bp-core/deprecated/1.5.php:381
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2261 bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:1313
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:674 bp-themes/bp-default/header.php:35
#: bp-themes/bp-default/searchform.php:5
msgid "Search"
msgstr "Søk"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:629 bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php:630
#: bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:124
msgid "Visit Site"
msgstr "Vitj nettstad"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-functions.php:115
msgid "%s created the site %s"
msgstr "%s oppretta nettstaden %s"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-functions.php:179
msgid "%1$s wrote a new post, %2$s, on the site %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s skreiv eit nytt innlegg, %2$s, på nettstaden %3$s"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-functions.php:181
msgid "%1$s wrote a new post, %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s skreiv eit nytt innlegg, %2$s"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-functions.php:264
msgid "%1$s commented on the post, %2$s, on the site %3$s"
msgstr ""
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-functions.php:266
msgid "%1$s commented on the post, %2$s"
msgstr ""
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-widgets.php:25
msgid "Recent Networkwide Posts"
msgstr "Nye globale innlegg"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-widgets.php:68
msgid "Sorry, there were no posts found. Why not write one?"
msgstr "Orsak, fann ingen innlegg. Kva med å skriva eit?"
#: bp-blogs/bp-blogs-widgets.php:88
msgid "Max posts to show:"
msgstr "Maks mengd innlegg å visa:"
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:22
msgid "A dynamic list of recently active, popular, and newest members"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:23 bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:110
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:428 bp-core/bp-core-template.php:245
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1285 bp-members/bp-members-loader.php:24
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/admin.php:229
msgid "Members"
msgstr "Medlem"
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:48 bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:128
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:63 bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:84
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:50 bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:125
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/blogs.php:22
#: bp-themes/bp-default/blogs/index.php:58
msgid "Newest"
msgstr "Nyaste"
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:49 bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:129
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:51 bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:126
msgid "Active"
msgstr "Aktive"
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:53 bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:130
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:52 bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:127
msgid "Popular"
msgstr "Populære"
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:90
msgid "No one has signed up yet!"
msgstr "Ingen har registrert seg enno!"
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:121 bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:201
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:270 bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:118
#: bp-themes/bp-default/forums/index.php:104
#: bp-themes/bp-default/forums/single/edit.php:49
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/forum/edit.php:49
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/forum.php:71
msgid "Title:"
msgstr "Tittel:"
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:123
msgid "Max members to show:"
msgstr "Maks mengd medlemmar å visa:"
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:126
msgid "Default members to show:"
msgstr "Standardmengd medlemmar å visa:"
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:148
msgid "Avatars of users who are currently online"
msgstr "Avatarar til brukarar som er pålogga for augneblunken"
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:149
msgid "Who's Online Avatars"
msgstr "Pålogga avatarar"
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:173
msgid "There are no users currently online"
msgstr "Det er ingen pålogga brukarar"
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:192
msgid "Who's Online"
msgstr "Kven er pålogga"
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:203 bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:272
msgid "Max Members to show:"
msgstr "Maks mengd medlemmar å visa:"
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:217
msgid "Avatars of recently active members"
msgstr "Avatarar til nyleg aktive medlemmar"
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:218
msgid "Recently Active Member Avatars"
msgstr "Sist aktive medlemmar"
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:242
msgid "There are no recently active members"
msgstr "Ingen aktive medlemmar i det siste"
#: bp-core/bp-core-widgets.php:328
msgid "There were no members found, please try another filter."
msgstr "Fann ingen medlemmar, ver venleg og prøv eit anna filter."
#: bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:75
msgid "Admin Dashboard"
msgstr "Kontrollpult"
#: bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:86
msgid "Network Dashboard"
msgstr "Nettverkskontrollpult"
#: bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:112
msgid "Blavatar"
msgstr "Blavatar"
#: bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:142
msgid "Comments %s"
msgstr "Kommentarar %s"
#: bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:156
msgid "Appearance"
msgstr "Utsjånad"
#: bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:162
msgid "Themes"
msgstr "Bunader"
#: bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:165
msgid "Widgets"
msgstr "Småprogram"
#: bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:168
msgid "Menus"
msgstr "Menyar"
#: bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:171
msgid "Background"
msgstr "Bakgrunn"
#: bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:174
msgid "Header"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:207
msgid "%d WordPress Update"
msgstr "%d WordPress-oppdatering"
#: bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:209
msgid "%d Plugin Update"
msgid_plural "%d Plugin Updates"
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] ""
#: bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:211
msgid "%d Theme Update"
msgid_plural "%d Theme Updates"
msgstr[0] ""
msgstr[1] ""
#: bp-core/bp-core-adminbar.php:216
msgid "Updates %s"
msgstr "Oppdateringar %s"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-schema.php:208
msgctxt "First XProfile group name"
msgid "Base"
msgstr "Hovud"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-schema.php:209
msgctxt "XProfile fullname field name"
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Namn"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:11
msgid ""
"IMPORTANT: <a href=\""
"administration/upgrading-buddypress/\">Read this before attempting to update "
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:32 bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:251
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:72 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:88
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:219 bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:251
msgid "Components"
msgstr "Komponentar"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:36 bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:293
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:73 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:89
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:223 bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:252
msgid "Pages"
msgstr "Sider"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:40 bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:91
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:253 bp-settings/bp-settings-loader.php:15
#: bp-settings/bp-settings-loader.php:72
#: bp-settings/bp-settings-loader.php:150 bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:189
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1279
msgid "Settings"
msgstr "Innstillingar"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:48 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:471
#: bp-core/bp-core-template.php:254 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:12
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:25 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:265
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-loader.php:111 bp-forums/bp-forums-loader.php:194
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-loader.php:234
msgid "Forums"
msgstr "Forum"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:96 bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:257
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:299
msgid "Settings Saved"
msgstr "Innstillingar lagra"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:109
msgid "Disable BuddyPress to WordPress profile syncing?"
msgstr "Slå av profilsynkronisering frå BuddyPress til WordPress?"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:119
msgid "Hide admin bar for logged out users?"
msgstr "Gøym administratorraden (på toppen av sida) for utlogga brukarar?"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:127
msgid "Disable avatar uploads? (Gravatars will still work)"
msgstr "Ikkje la brukarar lasta opp avatarar? (Gravatar vil framleis verka)"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:135
msgid "Disable user account deletion?"
msgstr "Ikkje la brukarar sletta kontoane sine?"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:145
msgid "Disable activity stream commenting on blog and forum posts?"
msgstr "Slå av aktivitetstraum-kommentering på blogg- og foruminnlegg?"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:157
msgid "Restrict group creation to Site Admins?"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:174 bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:268
msgid "Save Settings"
msgstr "Lagra innstillingar"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:310
msgid "Save All"
msgstr "Lagra alle"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:342 bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-loader.php:25
msgid "Extended Profiles"
msgstr "Utvida profilar"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:343
msgid ""
"Customize your community with fully editable profile fields that allow your "
"users to describe themselves."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:346
msgid "Account Settings"
msgstr "Kontodetaljar"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:347
msgid ""
"Allow your users to modify their account and notification settings directly "
"from within their profiles."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:350 bp-friends/bp-friends-loader.php:24
msgid "Friend Connections"
msgstr "Venskapsamband"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:351
msgid ""
"Let your users make connections so they can track the activity of others and "
"focus on the people they care about the most."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:354
msgid "Private Messaging"
msgstr "Private meldingar"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:355
msgid ""
"Allow your users to talk to each other directly and in private. Not just "
"limited to one-on-one discussions, messages can be sent between any number "
"of members."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:358 bp-activity/bp-activity-loader.php:34
msgid "Activity Streams"
msgstr "Aktivitetstraumar"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:359
msgid ""
"Global, personal, and group activity streams with threaded commenting, "
"direct posting, favoriting and @mentions, all with full RSS feed and email "
"notification support."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:362 bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:26
msgid "User Groups"
msgstr "Brukargrupper"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:363
msgid ""
"Groups allow your users to organize themselves into specific public, private "
"or hidden sections with separate activity streams and member listings."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:366 bp-forums/bp-forums-loader.php:24
msgid "Discussion Forums"
msgstr "Diskusjonsforum"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:367
msgid ""
"Full-powered discussion forums built directly into groups allow for more "
"conventional in-depth conversations. NOTE: This will require an extra (but "
"easy) setup step."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:371
msgid "Make BuddyPress aware of new posts and new comments from your site."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:376
msgid ""
"Make BuddyPress aware of new sites, new posts and new comments from across "
"your entire network."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:400 bp-core/bp-core-loader.php:38
msgid "BuddyPress Core"
msgstr "BuddyPress-kjernen"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:401
msgid "It&#8216;s what makes <del>time travel</del> BuddyPress possible!"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:404
msgid "Community Members"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:405
msgid "Everything in a BuddyPress community revolves around its members."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:418
msgid "Available Components"
msgstr "Tilgjengelege komponentar"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:420
msgid ""
"Each component has a unique purpose, and your community may not need each "
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:450
msgid "Required Components"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:452
msgid ""
"The following components are required by BuddyPress and cannot be turned off."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:520
msgid "Directories"
msgstr "Katalogar"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:522
msgid "Associate a WordPress Page with each BuddyPress component directory."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:542 bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:595
msgid "- None -"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:546 bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:599
msgid "New Page"
msgstr "Ny side"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:547 bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:600
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:758
msgid "Save"
msgstr "Lagra"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:551 bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:604
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-loader.php:184
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:588
#: bp-themes/bp-default/functions.php:156
#: bp-themes/bp-default/activity/entry.php:37
#: bp-activity/bp-activity-template.php:2053
msgid "View"
msgstr "Vis"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:573 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:500
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:412 bp-members/bp-members-adminbar.php:63
msgid "Register"
msgstr "Registrer"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:574 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:511
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:407 bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:498
#: bp-themes/bp-default/registration/activate.php:36
msgid "Activate"
msgstr "Aktiver"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:577
msgid "Registration"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin.php:579
msgid ""
"Associate WordPress Pages with the following BuddyPress Registration pages."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:74 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:227
msgid "Permalinks"
msgstr "Varige lenkjer"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:75 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:231
msgid "Theme"
msgstr "Bunad"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:76 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:92
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:188 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:235
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:1186
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/create.php:294
msgid "Finish"
msgstr "Fullfør"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:82 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:211
#, fuzzy
msgid "Multisite Update"
msgstr "Legg inn oppdatering"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:85 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:207
msgid "Database Update"
msgstr "Databaseoppdatering"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:145 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:1215
msgid "Update"
msgstr "Oppdatering"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:145 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:1213
msgid "Setup"
msgstr "Oppsett"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:153
msgid "BuddyPress %s"
msgstr "BuddyPress %s"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:191
msgid "Finish &amp; Activate"
msgstr "Avslutt &amp; aktiver"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:197
msgid "Save &amp; Next"
msgstr "Lagra &amp; neste"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:215
#: bp-themes/bp-default/blogs/index.php:23
#: bp-themes/bp-default/blogs/create.php:21
msgid "Site Directory"
msgstr "Nettstadkatalog"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:254
msgid ""
"Before you can continue using BuddyPress, a few minor adjustments need to be "
"made. These changes are not destructive and will not remove or change any "
"existing settings."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:295
msgid ""
"BuddyPress has detected a recent change to WordPress Multisite, which allows "
"members of your community to have their own WordPress sites. You can enable "
"or disable this feature at any time at <a href=\"%s\">Network Options</a>."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:297
msgid ""
"Please select the WordPress page you would like to use to display the site "
"directory. You can either choose an existing page or let BuddyPress auto-"
"create a page for you. If you'd like, you can go to manually create pages "
"now, and return to this step when you are finished."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:299 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:422
msgid "Please Note:"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:299 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:422
msgid ""
"If you have manually added BuddyPress navigation links in your theme you may "
"need to remove these from your header.php to avoid duplicate links."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:301
msgid ""
"Would you like to enable site tracking, which tracks blog posts and comments "
"from across your network?"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:306
msgid "Enable Site Tracking?"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:312
msgid "Track new sites, new posts and new comments across your entire network."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:320
msgid "Select a WordPress page for the Sites directory."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:323 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:432
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:445 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:460
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:475 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:491
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:504 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:515
msgid "Automatically create a page at:"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:324 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:433
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:446 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:461
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:476 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:492
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:505 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:516
msgid "Use an existing page:"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:324 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:433
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:446 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:461
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:476 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:492
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:505 bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:516
msgid "- Select -"
msgstr "– Vel –"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:349
msgid ""
"BuddyPress bundles several individual social components together, each one "
"adding a distinct feature. This first step decides which features are "
"enabled on your site; all features are enabled by default. Don't worry, you "
"can change your mind at any point in the future."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:388
msgid "members"
msgstr "medlemmar"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:391
#: bp-activity/bp-activity-template.php:2142
msgid "groups"
msgstr "grupper"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:394
msgid "activity"
msgstr "aktivitet"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:397
msgid "forums"
msgstr "forum"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:400
msgid "blogs"
msgstr "bloggar"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:403
msgid "register"
msgstr "registrer"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:406
msgid "activate"
msgstr "aktiver"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:418
msgid ""
"BuddyPress now uses WordPress pages to display content. This allows you to "
"easily change the names of pages or move them to a sub page."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:420
msgid ""
"Either choose an existing page or let BuddyPress auto-create pages for you. "
"To manually create custom pages, come back to this step once you are "
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:429
msgid "Displays member profiles, and a directory of all site members."
msgstr ""
# KBU!
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:441
#: bp-themes/bp-default/activity/index.php:23
msgid "Site Activity"
msgstr "Logg inn for å skriva på veggen"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:442
msgid ""
"Displays the activity for the entire site, a member's friends, groups and "
msgstr ""
# KBU!
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:456 bp-core/bp-core-template.php:248
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:135 bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:171
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:207 bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:243
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:395 bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:20
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:41 bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:107
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:826 bp-activity/bp-activity-loader.php:184
#: bp-activity/bp-activity-loader.php:273
msgid "Groups"
msgstr "Grupper og stader"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:457
msgid "Displays individual groups as well as a directory of groups."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:472
msgid "Displays a directory of public forum topics."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:488
msgid "Displays a directory of the sites in your network."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:501
msgid "Displays a site registration page where users can create new accounts."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:512
msgid ""
"The page users will visit to activate their account once they have "
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:543
msgid ""
"Congratulations! You are already using pretty permalinks, which BuddyPress "
"requires. If you'd like to change your settings, you may do so now. If "
"you're happy with your current settings, click Save &amp; Next to continue."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:545
msgid ""
"To make sure the pages created in the previous step work correctly, pretty "
"permalinks must be active on your site."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:551
msgid ""
"Please select the permalink setting you would like to use. For more advanced "
"options please visit the <a href=\"%s\">permalink settings page</a> first, "
"and complete this setup wizard later."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:555
msgid "Day and name"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:559
msgid "Month and name"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:563
msgid "Numeric"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:628
msgid ""
"BuddyPress introduces a whole range of new screens to display content. To "
"display these screens, you need to decide how you want to handle them in "
"your current theme."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:633
#, fuzzy
msgid "Use BuddyPress Default"
msgstr "BuddyPress"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:634
#, fuzzy
msgid "BuddyPress Default"
msgstr "BuddyPress"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:637
msgid ""
"BuddyPress Default contains everything you need to get up and running out of "
"the box. It supports all features and is highly customizable."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:638
msgid ""
"This is the best choice if you do not have an existing WordPress theme, or "
"want to start using BuddyPress immediately."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:639
msgid "Yes, please!"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:646
msgid "Other themes"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:647
#, fuzzy
msgid "A BuddyPress theme"
msgstr "BuddyPress"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:650
msgid ""
"We've found that you already have some other BuddyPress-compatible themes "
"available. To use one of those, pick it from this list."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:653
#, fuzzy
msgid "Use this theme"
msgstr "Fjern utestengelse av denne brukaren"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:669
msgid "Manually update current theme"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:671
msgid "Your existing theme"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:675
msgid ""
"The BuddyPress Template Pack plugin will guide you through the process of "
"manually upgrading your existing WordPress theme. This usually involves "
"following the step-by-step instructions and copying the BuddyPress template "
"files into your theme. This option requires a working knowledge of CSS and "
"HTML, as you will need to tweak the new templates to match your existing "
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:679
msgid "Install BuddyPress Template Pack"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:683
msgid ""
"Choose this option (go to Appearance &rarr; BP Compatibility after setup is "
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:684
msgid "Plugin Installed"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:693
msgid "Do not change theme"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:696
msgid "You are happy with your current theme and plan on changing it later."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:697
msgid ""
"This is the best choice if you have a highly customized theme on your site "
"already, and want to later manually integrate BuddyPress into your site."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:699
msgid "Don't change my current theme"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:721
msgid "setup"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:721
msgid "update"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:723
msgid "The BuddyPress %1$s is complete, and your site is ready to go!"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:903
#, fuzzy
msgid "Oops, there was a problem creating a configuration file. "
msgstr "Det oppstod eit problem ved aktivering av varselet."
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:909
msgid ""
"If your <code>web.config</code> file were <a href=\"http://codex.wordpress."
"org/Changing_File_Permissions\">writable</a>, we could do this "
"automatically, but it isn&#8217;t so this is the url rewrite rule you should "
"have in your <code>web.config</code> file. Click in the field and press "
"<kbd>CTRL + a</kbd> to select all. Then insert this rule inside of the "
"rules&gt;</code> element in <code>web.config</code> file."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:918
msgid ""
"Permalink structure updated. Remove write access on web.config file now!"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:923
msgid ""
"If your <code>.htaccess</code> file were <a href=\"http://codex.wordpress."
"org/Changing_File_Permissions\">writable</a>, we could do this "
"automatically, but it isn&#8217;t so these are the mod_rewrite rules you "
"should have in your <code>.htaccess</code> file. Click in the field and "
"press <kbd>CTRL + a</kbd> to select all."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:935
msgid ""
"Paste all these rules into a new <code>.htaccess</code> file in the root of "
"your WordPress installation and save the file. Once you're done, please hit "
"the \"Save and Next\" button to continue."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:1159
msgid ""
"Installation was successful. The available options have now been updated, "
"please continue with your selection."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:1218 bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:250
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:570
msgid "BuddyPress"
msgstr "BuddyPress"
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:1314
msgid ""
"BuddyPress has been updated! Please run the <a href=\"%s\">update wizard</a>."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/admin/bp-core-update.php:1319
msgid ""
"BuddyPress was successfully installed! Please run the <a href=\"%s"
"\">installation wizard</a>."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/bp-core-avatars.php:91
msgid "Avatar Image"
msgstr "Avatarbilete"
#: bp-core/bp-core-avatars.php:401
msgid "There is no error, the file uploaded with success"
msgstr "Fila vart lasta opp utan feil"
#: bp-core/bp-core-avatars.php:402 bp-core/bp-core-avatars.php:403
msgid "Your image was bigger than the maximum allowed file size of: "
msgstr "Biletet ditt var større enn maksimum tillate storleik, som er: "
#: bp-core/bp-core-avatars.php:404
msgid "The uploaded file was only partially uploaded"
msgstr "Fila vart berre delvis lasta opp"
#: bp-core/bp-core-avatars.php:405
msgid "No file was uploaded"
msgstr "Inga fil vart lasta opp."
#: bp-core/bp-core-avatars.php:406
msgid "Missing a temporary folder"
msgstr "Manglar ei mellombels mappe"
#: bp-core/bp-core-avatars.php:410
msgid "Your upload failed, please try again. Error was: %s"
msgstr "Feil ved opplasting, ver venleg og prøv igjen. Feilmeldinga var: %s"
#: bp-core/bp-core-avatars.php:415
msgid "The file you uploaded is too big. Please upload a file under %s"
msgstr "Fila du lasta opp er for stor. Ver venleg og last opp ei fil under %s"
#: bp-core/bp-core-avatars.php:420
msgid "Please upload only JPG, GIF or PNG photos."
msgstr "Ver venleg og berre last opp JPG-, GIF- eller PNG-bilete."
#: bp-core/bp-core-avatars.php:431 bp-core/bp-core-avatars.php:444
msgid "Upload Failed! Error was: %s"
msgstr "Feil ved opplasting! Feilen var: %s"
#: bp-core/bp-core-avatars.php:462
#, fuzzy
msgid "Upload failed! Error was: %s"
msgstr "Feil ved opplasting! Feilen var: %s"
#: bp-core/bp-core-avatars.php:595
#, fuzzy
msgid "Avatar of %s"
msgstr "Avatar å beskjera"
#: bp-core/bp-core-template.php:64
msgid "Options"
msgstr "Val"
#: bp-core/bp-core-template.php:190
msgid "%1$s at %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s ved %2$s"
#: bp-core/bp-core-template.php:251
msgid "Blogs"
msgstr "Bloggar"
#: bp-core/bp-core-template.php:256
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/activity.php:27
#: bp-themes/bp-default/activity/index.php:101
#: bp-themes/bp-default/forums/forums-loop.php:40
msgid "Posts"
msgstr "Innlegg"
#: bp-core/bp-core-template.php:259
#, fuzzy
msgid "Search these:"
msgstr "Søkeresultater"
#: bp-core/bp-core-template.php:287
msgid "Search anything..."
msgstr "Søk gjennom alt …"
#: bp-core/bp-core-template.php:381
msgid " [&hellip;]"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/bp-core-filters.php:161 bp-core/bp-core-filters.php:185
msgid "[User Set]"
msgstr "[Brukarsett]"
#: bp-core/bp-core-filters.php:204
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Thanks for registering! To complete the activation of your account and blog, "
"please click the following link:\n"
"After you activate, you can visit your blog here:\n"
msgstr ""
"Takk for at du registrerte deg! Ver venleg og klikk følgjande lenkje for å "
"fullføra aktivering av kontoen din:\n"
#: bp-core/bp-core-filters.php:205
msgid "Activate %s"
msgstr "Aktiver %s"
#: bp-core/bp-core-filters.php:237 bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:572
msgid ""
"Thanks for registering! To complete the activation of your account please "
"click the following link:\n"
msgstr ""
"Takk for at du registrerte deg! Ver venleg og klikk følgjande lenkje for å "
"fullføra aktivering av kontoen din:\n"
#: bp-core/bp-core-filters.php:238 bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:573
msgid "Activate Your Account"
msgstr "Aktiver kontoen din"
#. translators: "displayed user's name | canonicalised component name"
#. translators: "group name | group nav section name"
#: bp-core/bp-core-filters.php:284 bp-core/bp-core-filters.php:290
#, fuzzy
msgid "%1$s | %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s ved %2$s"
#. translators: "component item name | component nav section name | root
#. component name"
#: bp-core/bp-core-filters.php:295
#, fuzzy
msgid "%1$s | %2$s | %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s ved %2$s"
#: bp-core/bp-core-filters.php:300 bp-core/bp-core-filters.php:302
msgid "%s Directory"
msgstr "%s-katalog"
#: bp-core/bp-core-filters.php:306
#: bp-themes/bp-default/registration/register.php:23
msgid "Create an Account"
msgstr "Opprett ein konto"
#: bp-core/bp-core-filters.php:310
#: bp-themes/bp-default/registration/activate.php:24
msgid "Activate your Account"
msgstr "Aktiver kontoen din"
#: bp-core/bp-core-filters.php:314 bp-themes/bp-default/groups/index.php:23
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/create.php:18
msgid "Create a Group"
msgstr "Opprett ei gruppe"
#: bp-core/bp-core-cssjs.php:49
msgid "Are you sure?"
msgstr "Er du sikker?"
#: bp-core/bp-core-classes.php:191
#, fuzzy
msgid "%d group"
msgid_plural "%d groups"
msgstr[0] "grupper"
msgstr[1] "grupper"
#: bp-core/deprecated/1.5.php:120 bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-loader.php:217
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/profile/profile-wp.php:8
#: bp-themes/bp-default/activity/post-form.php:45
msgid "My Profile"
msgstr "Profilen min"
#: bp-core/deprecated/1.5.php:127 bp-themes/bp-default/functions.php:631
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/profile/profile-wp.php:15
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Namn"
#: bp-core/deprecated/1.5.php:136
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/profile/profile-wp.php:24
msgid "About Me"
msgstr "Om meg"
#: bp-core/deprecated/1.5.php:145 bp-themes/bp-default/functions.php:635
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/profile/profile-wp.php:33
msgid "Website"
msgstr "Nettstad"
#: bp-core/deprecated/1.5.php:154
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/profile/profile-wp.php:42
msgid "Jabber"
msgstr "Jabber"
#: bp-core/deprecated/1.5.php:163
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/profile/profile-wp.php:51
msgid "AOL Messenger"
msgstr "AOL Messenger"
#: bp-core/deprecated/1.5.php:172
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/profile/profile-wp.php:60
msgid "Yahoo Messenger"
msgstr "Yahoo Messenger"
#: bp-core/deprecated/1.5.php:272 bp-core/bp-core-buddybar.php:473
#: bp-members/bp-members-adminbar.php:218
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:734 bp-themes/bp-default/sidebar.php:18
msgid "Log Out"
msgstr "Logg ut"
#: bp-core/deprecated/1.5.php:319
#, fuzzy
msgid "%1$s mentioned you in the group \"%2$s\""
msgstr "%s nemnde deg i ei oppdatering"
#: bp-core/deprecated/1.5.php:321 bp-activity/bp-activity-notifications.php:69
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"%1$s mentioned you in the group \"%2$s\":\n"
"To view and respond to the message, log in and visit: %4$s\n"
msgstr ""
"%s sende deg ei ny melding:\n"
"Emne: %s\n"
"For å sjå meldinga, ver venleg og logg inn og vitj: %s\n"
#: bp-core/deprecated/1.5.php:331 bp-friends/bp-friends-notifications.php:36
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-notifications.php:76
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:32
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:83
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:139
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:187
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:241
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-notifications.php:44
#: bp-activity/bp-activity-notifications.php:90
#: bp-activity/bp-activity-notifications.php:164
#: bp-activity/bp-activity-notifications.php:209
msgid "To disable these notifications please log in and go to: %s"
msgstr "For å slå av desse varsla, ver venleg og logg inn og gå til: %s"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:369
msgid ""
"<strong>BuddyPress is almost ready</strong>. You must <a href=\"%s\">update "
"your permalink structure</a> to something other than the default for it to "
msgstr "<strong>BuddyPress er nesten klår</strong>. Du må <a href=\"%s\">oppdatera strukturen på varige lenkjer («permalenkjer»)</a> til noko anna enn standarden for at det skal verka."
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:382
msgid ""
"You'll need to <a href='%s'>activate a <strong>BuddyPress-compatible theme</"
"strong></a> to take advantage of all of BuddyPress's features. We've bundled "
"a default theme, but you can always <a href='%s'>install some other "
"compatible themes</a> or <a href='%s'>update your existing WordPress theme</"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:424
msgid ""
"The following active BuddyPress Components do not have associated WordPress "
"Pages: %2$s. <a href=\"%1$s\" class=\"button-secondary\">Repair</a>"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:449
msgid ""
"Each BuddyPress Component needs its own WordPress page. The following "
"WordPress Pages have more than one component associated with them: %2$s. <a "
"href=\"%1$s\" class=\"button-secondary\">Repair</a>"
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:599
msgid "sometime"
msgstr "ein gong"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:600
msgid "right now"
msgstr "nett no"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:601
msgid "%s ago"
msgstr "for %s sidan"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:605
msgid "year"
msgstr "år"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:605
msgid "years"
msgstr "år"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:606
msgid "month"
msgstr "månad"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:606
msgid "months"
msgstr "månader"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:607
msgid "week"
msgstr "veke"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:607
msgid "weeks"
msgstr "veker"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:608
msgid "day"
msgstr "dag"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:608
msgid "days"
msgstr "dagar"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:609
msgid "hour"
msgstr "time"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:609
msgid "hours"
msgstr "timar"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:610
msgid "minute"
msgstr "minutt"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:610
msgid "minutes"
msgstr "minutt"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:611
msgid "second"
msgstr "sekund"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:611
msgid "seconds"
msgstr "sekund"
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:668
msgctxt "Separator in time since"
msgid ","
msgstr ","
#: bp-core/bp-core-functions.php:731
msgid "not recently active"
msgstr "ikkje aktiv i det siste"
#: bp-core/bp-core-catchuri.php:378
msgid ""
"This user has been marked as a spammer. Only site admins can view this "
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/bp-core-catchuri.php:401 bp-core/bp-core-catchuri.php:458
msgid "You must log in to access the page you requested."
msgstr ""
#: bp-core/bp-core-buddybar.php:244
#, fuzzy
msgid "You do not have access to this page."
msgstr "Du har ikkje tilgang til denne aktiviteten."
#: bp-core/bp-core-buddybar.php:415 bp-themes/bp-default/sidebar.php:53
msgid "Log In"
msgstr "Logg inn"
#: bp-core/bp-core-buddybar.php:419
msgid "Sign Up"
msgstr "Opprett konto"
#: bp-core/bp-core-buddybar.php:431
msgid "My Account"
msgstr "Kontoen min"
#: bp-core/bp-core-buddybar.php:502
msgid "Visit"
msgstr "Vitj"
#: bp-core/bp-core-buddybar.php:504
msgid "Random Member"
msgstr "Tilfeldig medlem"
#: bp-core/bp-core-buddybar.php:508
msgid "Random Group"
msgstr "Tilfeldig gruppe"
#: bp-core/bp-core-buddybar.php:514
#, fuzzy
msgid "Random Site"
msgstr "Tilfeldig medlem"
#: bp-core/bp-core-loader.php:210 bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-loader.php:113
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-loader.php:177 bp-members/bp-members-loader.php:141
msgid "Profile"
msgstr "Profil"
#: bp-core/bp-core-loader.php:221 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:520
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-loader.php:125 bp-members/bp-members-loader.php:156
msgid "Public"
msgstr "Offentleg"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-loader.php:78
#, fuzzy
msgid "Search Friends..."
msgstr "Søk gjennom alt …"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-loader.php:96
msgid "Friends <span>%d</span>"
msgstr "Vener <span>%s</span>"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-loader.php:108 bp-friends/bp-friends-loader.php:168
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-loader.php:194
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/activity.php:35
#: bp-themes/bp-default/activity/index.php:122
msgid "Friendships"
msgstr "Venskap"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-loader.php:118 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1288
msgid "Requests"
msgstr "Førespurnader"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-loader.php:150
msgid "Friends <span class=\"count\">%s</span>"
msgstr "Vener <span class=\"count\">%s</span>"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-loader.php:151
msgid "Pending Requests <span class=\"count\">%s</span>"
msgstr ""
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-loader.php:153 bp-friends/bp-friends-screens.php:68
#: bp-activity/bp-activity-loader.php:171
#: bp-activity/bp-activity-loader.php:264
msgid "Friends"
msgstr "Vener"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-loader.php:154
#, fuzzy
msgid "No Pending Requests"
msgstr "Send førespurnad"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-notifications.php:24
msgid "New friendship request from %s"
msgstr "Ny veneførespurnad frå %s"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-notifications.php:26
msgid ""
"%1$s wants to add you as a friend.\n"
"To view all of your pending friendship requests: %2$s\n"
"To view %3$s's profile: %4$s\n"
msgstr ""
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-notifications.php:66
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-activity.php:79
msgid "%s accepted your friendship request"
msgstr "%s godkjende veneførespurnaden din"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-notifications.php:68
msgid ""
"%1$s accepted your friend request.\n"
"To view %2$s's profile: %3$s\n"
msgstr ""
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:62 bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:81
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2276 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2297
msgid "Recently Active"
msgstr "Nyleg aktiv"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:64 bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:87
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2281 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2312
msgid "Alphabetically"
msgstr "Alfabetisk"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:101
msgid "My Friends"
msgstr "Venene mine"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:101
msgid "%s's Friends"
msgstr "%ss vener"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:101
msgid "See All"
msgstr "Sjå alle"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:121
msgid "You haven't added any friend connections yet."
msgstr "Du har ikkje lagt til nokon vener enno."
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:121
msgid "%s hasn't created any friend connections yet."
msgstr "%s har ikkje oppretta nokon venesamband enno."
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:190
msgid "There aren't enough site members to show a random sample just yet."
msgstr "Det er ikkje nok medlemmar for å vise eit tilfeldig utval enno."
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:201
msgid "Filter Friends"
msgstr "Filtrer vener"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:238
msgid "%d friend"
msgstr "%d ven"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:240
msgid "%d friends"
msgstr "%d vener"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:323
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:324
#: bp-themes/bp-default/_inc/ajax.php:431
msgid "Friendship Requested"
msgstr "Venskap førespurt"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:338
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:339
msgid "Cancel Friendship"
msgstr "Avbryt venskap"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:355
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-template.php:356
#: bp-themes/bp-default/_inc/ajax.php:421
msgid "Add Friend"
msgstr "Bli ven med"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-actions.php:29 bp-themes/bp-default/_inc/ajax.php:429
msgid "Friendship could not be requested."
msgstr "Kunne ikkje spør om venskap"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-actions.php:31
msgid "Friendship requested"
msgstr "Venskap førespurt"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-actions.php:35
msgid "You are already friends with this user"
msgstr "Du er allereie vener med denne brukaren"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-actions.php:37
msgid "You already have a pending friendship request with this user"
msgstr "Du har allereie ein ventande veneførespurnad til denne brukaren"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-actions.php:64 bp-themes/bp-default/_inc/ajax.php:419
msgid "Friendship could not be canceled."
msgstr "Kunne ikkje kansellera venskap"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-actions.php:66
msgid "Friendship canceled"
msgstr "Venskap kansellert"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-actions.php:70
msgid "You are not yet friends with this user"
msgstr "Du er ikkje vener med denne brukaren enno"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-actions.php:72
msgid "You have a pending friendship request with this user"
msgstr "Du har ein ventande veneførespurnad med denne brukaren"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-functions.php:94
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-functions.php:103
msgid "%1$s and %2$s are now friends"
msgstr ""
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-screens.php:28
msgid "Friendship accepted"
msgstr "Venskap godkjend"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-screens.php:30
msgid "Friendship could not be accepted"
msgstr "Venskap kunne ikkje godkjennast"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-screens.php:39
msgid "Friendship rejected"
msgstr "Venskap avslått"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-screens.php:41
msgid "Friendship could not be rejected"
msgstr "Kunne ikkje avslå venskap"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-screens.php:77
msgid "A member sends you a friendship request"
msgstr "Ein medlem har sendt deg ein veneførespurnad"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-screens.php:83
msgid "A member accepts your friendship request"
msgstr "Ein medlem godkjende veneførespurnaden din"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-activity.php:50
msgid "New friendship created"
msgstr "Ny venskap oppretta"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-activity.php:76
msgid "%d friends accepted your friendship requests"
msgstr "%d vener godkjende veneførespurnadene dine."
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-activity.php:90
msgid "You have %d pending friendship requests"
msgstr "Du har %d ventande veneførespurnader"
#: bp-friends/bp-friends-activity.php:93
msgid "You have a friendship request from %s"
msgstr "Du har ein veneførespurnad frå %s"
#: bp-settings/bp-settings-loader.php:92
#: bp-settings/bp-settings-loader.php:157
msgid "General"
msgstr "Generelt"
#: bp-settings/bp-settings-loader.php:103
#: bp-settings/bp-settings-loader.php:164
#: bp-members/bp-members-adminbar.php:167
#: bp-members/bp-members-buddybar.php:13
msgid "Notifications"
msgstr "Varsel"
#: bp-settings/bp-settings-loader.php:115
#: bp-settings/bp-settings-loader.php:172
#: bp-members/bp-members-adminbar.php:145
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/settings/delete-account.php:50
msgid "Delete Account"
msgstr "Slett konto"
#: bp-settings/bp-settings-actions.php:96
#: bp-settings/bp-settings-actions.php:135
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-screens.php:113
msgid "Changes saved."
msgstr "Endringane er lagra."
#: bp-settings/bp-settings-actions.php:99
#, fuzzy
msgid "Your new passwords did not match."
msgstr "Passorda du tasta inn var ikkje like."
#: bp-settings/bp-settings-actions.php:102
msgid "Your existing password is incorrect."
msgstr ""
#: bp-settings/bp-settings-actions.php:105
#, fuzzy
msgid "Sorry, that email address is already used or is invalid."
msgstr "Orsak, den epostadressa er allereie i bruk!"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-actions.php:24
msgid "Sorry, you are not allowed to create groups."
msgstr ""
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-actions.php:46
#, fuzzy
msgid "There was an error saving group details. Please try again."
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ein fel ved lagring av gruppe detaljar. Ver venleg og prøv igjen."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-actions.php:68
#, fuzzy
msgid "Please fill in all of the required fields"
msgstr "Venlist fyll inn alle obligatoriske felt"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-actions.php:75 bp-groups/bp-groups-actions.php:102
#, fuzzy
msgid "There was an error saving group details, please try again."
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ein fel ved lagring av gruppedetaljar, ver venleg og prøv igjen."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-actions.php:141
#, fuzzy
msgid "%1$s created the group %2$s"
msgstr "%s oppretta gruppa %s"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-actions.php:189
#, fuzzy
msgid "There was an error saving the group avatar, please try uploading again."
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ein feil ved lagring av gruppeavatar, ver venleg og last opp att."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-actions.php:191
#, fuzzy
msgid "The group avatar was uploaded successfully!"
msgstr "Gruppeavatar vart lasta opp!"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-actions.php:215 bp-groups/bp-groups-actions.php:222
#, fuzzy
msgid "There was an error joining the group."
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved tilslutting av gruppe."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-actions.php:224
#, fuzzy
msgid "You joined the group!"
msgstr "Du melde deg inn i gruppa!"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-actions.php:247
#, fuzzy
msgid "There was an error leaving the group."
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved avmelding av gruppe."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-actions.php:249 bp-groups/bp-groups-functions.php:280
msgid "You successfully left the group."
msgstr "Du forlét gruppa."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:21
msgid "Created a group"
msgstr "Oppretta ei gruppe"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:22
msgid "Joined a group"
msgstr "Vart med i ei gruppe"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:23
msgid "New group forum topic"
msgstr "Nytt gruppeforumemne"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:24
msgid "New group forum post"
msgstr "Nytt gruppeforuminnlegg"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:93
#, fuzzy
msgid "%1$d new membership requests for the group \"%2$s\""
msgstr "Førespurnad om medlemskap i gruppa: %s"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:98
#, fuzzy
msgid "Group Membership Requests"
msgstr "Gruppemedlemskap-førespurnader"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:107 bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:112
#, fuzzy
msgid "%s requests group membership"
msgstr "Feil ved førespurnad om medlemskap"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:130
#, fuzzy
msgid "%d accepted group membership requests"
msgstr "%d aksepterte gruppemedlemskapar-førespurnader"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:143
#, fuzzy
msgid "Membership for group \"%s\" accepted"
msgstr "Medlemskap i gruppa \"%s\" akseptert."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:166
#, fuzzy
msgid "%d rejected group membership requests"
msgstr "%d avslo gruppemedlemskapar-førespurnader"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:179
msgid "Membership for group \"%s\" rejected"
msgstr "Medlemskap i gruppa «%s» avslått"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:202
#, fuzzy
msgid "You were promoted to an admin in %d groups"
msgstr "Du vart forfremma til admin i %d grupper"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:215
#, fuzzy
msgid "You were promoted to an admin in the group \"%s\""
msgstr "Du vart forfremma til admin i %d grupper"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:238
#, fuzzy
msgid "You were promoted to a mod in %d groups"
msgstr "Du vart forfremma til moderator i %d grupper"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:251
#, fuzzy
msgid "You were promoted to a mod in the group \"%s\""
msgstr "Du vart forfremma til moderator i %d grupper"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:275
msgid "You have %d new group invitations"
msgstr "Du har %d nye gruppeinnbydingar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:279
msgid "Group Invites"
msgstr "Gruppeinnbydingar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-activity.php:287
msgid "You have an invitation to the group: %s"
msgstr "Du har ei innbyding til gruppa: %s"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:84
msgid "Search Groups..."
msgstr "Søk i grupper …"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:172
msgid "You do not have access to this group."
msgstr "Du har ikkje tilgang til denne gruppa."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:185 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1272
msgid "Details"
msgstr "Detaljar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:197 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1282
msgid "Avatar"
msgstr "Avatar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:205
msgid "Invites"
msgstr "Innbydingar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:231
msgid "Groups <span>%d</span>"
msgstr "Grupper <span>%s</span>"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:243 bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:271
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:410 bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:437
msgid "Memberships"
msgstr "Medlemskap"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:254
msgid "Invitations"
msgstr "Innbydingar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:283
msgctxt "Group home navigation title"
msgid "Home"
msgstr "Heim"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:295
msgid "Admin"
msgstr "Administrer"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:314 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1580
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1581
#: bp-themes/bp-default/_inc/ajax.php:506
msgid "Request Membership"
msgstr "Spør om medlemskap"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:326
msgid "Forum"
msgstr "Forum"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:338
msgid "Members <span>%s</span>"
msgstr "Medlem <span>%s</span>"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:350
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/send-invites.php:60
msgid "Send Invites"
msgstr "Send innbydingar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:392
msgid "Groups <span class=\"count\">%s</span>"
msgstr ""
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:393
msgid "Pending Invites <span class=\"count\">%s</span>"
msgstr ""
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:396
msgid "No Pending Invites"
msgstr "Ingen ventande innbydingar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-loader.php:456 bp-groups/bp-groups-buddybar.php:25
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2337
msgid "Group Avatar"
msgstr "Gruppeavatar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-classes.php:752
msgid "Group Mod"
msgstr "Gruppemoderator"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-classes.php:758 bp-groups/bp-groups-functions.php:98
msgid "Group Admin"
msgstr "Gruppeadministrator"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:10
msgid "Group Details Updated"
msgstr "Gruppedetaljar oppdatert"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:24
msgid ""
"Group details for the group \"%1$s\" were updated:\n"
"To view the group: %2$s\n"
msgstr ""
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:68
msgid "Membership request for group: %s"
msgstr "Førespurnad om medlemskap i gruppa: %s"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:70
msgid ""
"%1$s wants to join the group \"%2$s\".\n"
"Because you are the administrator of this group, you must either accept or "
"reject the membership request.\n"
"To view all pending membership requests for this group, please visit:\n"
"To view %4$s's profile: %5$s\n"
msgstr ""
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:119
msgid "Membership request for group \"%s\" accepted"
msgstr "Førespurnad om medlemskap i gruppa «%s» godkjend"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:120
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Your membership request for the group \"%1$s\" has been accepted.\n"
"To view the group please login and visit: %2$s\n"
msgstr ""
"%s sende deg ei ny melding:\n"
"Emne: %s\n"
"For å sjå meldinga, ver venleg og logg inn og vitj: %s\n"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:129
msgid "Membership request for group \"%s\" rejected"
msgstr "Førespurnad om medlemskap i gruppa «%s» avslått"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:130
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Your membership request for the group \"%1$s\" has been rejected.\n"
"To submit another request please log in and visit: %2$s\n"
msgstr ""
"%s sende deg ei ny melding:\n"
"Emne: %s\n"
"For å sjå meldinga, ver venleg og logg inn og vitj: %s\n"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:155
msgid "an administrator"
msgstr "ein administrator"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:158
msgid "a moderator"
msgstr "ein moderator"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:177
msgid "You have been promoted in the group: \"%s\""
msgstr "Du har vorte forfremja i gruppa: «%s»"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:179
msgid ""
"You have been promoted to %1$s for the group: \"%2$s\".\n"
"To view the group please visit: %3$s\n"
msgstr ""
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:227
msgid "You have an invitation to the group: \"%s\""
msgstr "Du har ei innbyding til gruppa: «%s»"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-notifications.php:229
msgid ""
"One of your friends %1$s has invited you to the group: \"%2$s\".\n"
"To view your group invites visit: %3$s\n"
"To view the group visit: %4$s\n"
"To view %5$s's profile visit: %6$s\n"
msgstr ""
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-adminbar.php:57 bp-groups/bp-groups-buddybar.php:19
msgid "Edit Details"
msgstr "Rediger detaljar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-adminbar.php:65
msgid "Edit Settings"
msgstr "Rediger innstillingar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-adminbar.php:74 bp-members/bp-members-adminbar.php:118
msgid "Edit Avatar"
msgstr "Rediger avatar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-adminbar.php:84 bp-groups/bp-groups-buddybar.php:31
msgid "Manage Invitations"
msgstr "Handsam innbydingar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-adminbar.php:93 bp-groups/bp-groups-buddybar.php:35
msgid "Manage Members"
msgstr "Handsam medlemmar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-adminbar.php:102 bp-groups/bp-groups-buddybar.php:39
msgid "Membership Requests"
msgstr "Førespurnader om medlemskap"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-adminbar.php:111 bp-groups/bp-groups-buddybar.php:43
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:125
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/admin.php:358
msgid "Delete Group"
msgstr "Slett gruppe"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:19
msgid "A dynamic list of recently active, popular, and newest groups"
msgstr ""
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:68 bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:168
#, fuzzy
msgid "created %s"
msgstr "lagt for %s sidan"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:87
msgid "There are no groups to display."
msgstr "Det finst ingen grupper å visa."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:120
msgid "Max groups to show:"
msgstr "Maks mengd grupper å visa:"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:123
#, fuzzy
msgid "Default groups to show:"
msgstr "Maks mengd grupper å visa:"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-widgets.php:187
msgid "No groups matched the current filter."
msgstr "Ingen grupper svarte til dette filteret"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-forums.php:56 bp-groups/bp-groups-forums.php:160
msgid "%1$s replied to the forum topic %2$s in the group %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s svara på forumemnet %2$s i gruppa %3$s"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-forums.php:95 bp-groups/bp-groups-forums.php:127
msgid "%1$s started the forum topic %2$s in the group %3$s"
msgstr "%1$s la inn forumemnet %2$s i gruppa %3$s"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:49
msgid "Group invite could not be accepted"
msgstr "Gruppeinnbyding kunne ikkje godkjennast"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:51
msgid "Group invite accepted"
msgstr "Gruppeinnbyding godkjend"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:57 bp-groups/bp-groups-functions.php:324
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-functions.php:809
#, fuzzy
msgid "%1$s joined the group %2$s"
msgstr "%s oppretta gruppa %s"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:71
msgid "Group invite could not be rejected"
msgstr "Gruppeinnbyding kunne ikkje avslåast"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:73
msgid "Group invite rejected"
msgstr "Gruppeinnbyding avslått"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:149
msgid "There was an error when replying to that topic"
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved svar på dette emnet"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:151
msgid "Your reply was posted successfully"
msgstr "Svaret ditt vart lagt inn"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:165
msgid "There was an error when making that topic a sticky"
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved forsøk på å gjera emnet fast"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:167
msgid "The topic was made sticky successfully"
msgstr "Emna er festa til framsida"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:179
msgid "There was an error when unsticking that topic"
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved forsøk på å gjera emnet ikkje-fast"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:181
msgid "The topic was unstuck successfully"
msgstr "Emnet er ikkje lenger fast"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:193
msgid "There was an error when closing that topic"
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved lukking av emnet"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:195
msgid "The topic was closed successfully"
msgstr "Emnet vart lukka"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:207
msgid "There was an error when opening that topic"
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved opning av emnet"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:209
msgid "The topic was opened successfully"
msgstr "Emnet vart opna"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:230
msgid "There was an error deleting the topic"
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved sletting av emnet"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:232
msgid "The topic was deleted successfully"
msgstr "Emnet er sletta"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:254
msgid "There was an error when editing that topic"
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved redigering av emnet"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:256
msgid "The topic was edited successfully"
msgstr "Emnet vart redigert"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:280
msgid "There was an error deleting that post"
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved sletting av innlegget"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:282
msgid "The post was deleted successfully"
msgstr "Innlegget vart sletta"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:304
msgid "There was an error when editing that post"
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved redigering av innlegget"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:306
msgid "The post was edited successfully"
msgstr "Innlegget vart redigert"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:321 bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:338
#, fuzzy
msgid "You have been banned from this group."
msgstr "Du har vorte forfremja i gruppa: «%s»"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:346 bp-forums/bp-forums-screens.php:36
msgid "Please provide a title for your forum topic."
msgstr ""
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:348 bp-forums/bp-forums-screens.php:38
msgid "Forum posts cannot be empty. Please enter some text."
msgstr ""
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:351
#, fuzzy
msgid "This group does not have a forum setup yet."
msgstr "Emnet finst ikkje."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:358 bp-forums/bp-forums-screens.php:45
msgid "There was an error when creating the topic"
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved skiping av emne"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:361 bp-forums/bp-forums-screens.php:48
msgid "The topic was created successfully"
msgstr "Emnet vart oppretta"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:405
msgid "Group invites sent."
msgstr "Gruppeinnbyding sendt."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:433
msgid ""
"There was an error sending your group membership request, please try again."
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ein feil ved sending av førespurnad om gruppemedlemskap, ver "
"venleg og prøv igjen."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:435
msgid ""
"Your membership request was sent to the group administrator successfully. "
"You will be notified when the group administrator responds to your request."
msgstr ""
"Førespurnaden din om medlemskap vart send til gruppeadministratoren. Du vil "
"få melding når gruppeadministratoren svarar på førespurnaden."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:482
msgid "There was an error updating group details, please try again."
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ein feil ved oppdatering av gruppedetaljane, ver venleg og prøv "
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:484
msgid "Group details were successfully updated."
msgstr "Gruppedetaljane vart oppdaterte."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:525
msgid "There was an error updating group settings, please try again."
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ein feil ved oppdatering av gruppeinnstillingane, ver venleg og "
"prøv igjen."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:527
msgid "Group settings were successfully updated."
msgstr "Gruppeinnstillingene vart oppdaterte."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:558 bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-actions.php:36
msgid "Your avatar was deleted successfully!"
msgstr "Avataren din er sletta."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:560 bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-actions.php:38
msgid "There was a problem deleting that avatar, please try again."
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved sletting av avatar, ver venleg og prøv igjen."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:588
#, fuzzy
msgid "There was a problem cropping the avatar, please try uploading it again"
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ein feil ved klipping av avatar, ver venleg og prøv å lasta opp "
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:590
#, fuzzy
msgid "The new group avatar was uploaded successfully!"
msgstr "Den nye gruppa-avataren vart lasta opp!"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:625
#, fuzzy
msgid "There was an error when promoting that user, please try again"
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ein feil ved oppgradering av brukaren, ver venleg og prøv igjen."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:627
#, fuzzy
msgid "User promoted successfully"
msgstr "Brukaren vart forfremma."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:645
#, fuzzy
msgid "There was an error when demoting that user, please try again"
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ein feil ved nedgradering av brukaren, ver venleg og prøv igjen"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:647
#, fuzzy
msgid "User demoted successfully"
msgstr "Brukaren vart nedgradert"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:663
msgid "There was an error when banning that user, please try again"
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ein feil ved utestenging av brukaren, ver venleg og prøv igjen."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:665
msgid "User banned successfully"
msgstr "Brukaren vart utestengd"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:681
msgid "There was an error when unbanning that user, please try again"
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ein feil ved oppheving av utestenging av brukaren, ver venleg og "
"prøv igjen."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:683
msgid "User ban removed successfully"
msgstr "Utestenging av brukar vart oppheva."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:699
msgid "There was an error removing that user from the group, please try again"
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ein feil ved fjerning av brukaren frå gruppa, ver venleg og prøv "
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:701
msgid "User removed successfully"
msgstr "Utestenging av brukaren vart oppheva."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:739
msgid "There was an error accepting the membership request, please try again."
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ein feil ved akseptering av medlemskap, ver venleg og prøv igjen."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:741
msgid "Group membership request accepted"
msgstr "Førespurnad om gruppemedlemskap akseptert"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:750
msgid "There was an error rejecting the membership request, please try again."
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ein fel ved avslag av gruppemedlemskap, ver venleg og prøv igjen."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:752
msgid "Group membership request rejected"
msgstr "Gruppemedlemskap avslått"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:782
#, fuzzy
msgid "There was an error deleting the group, please try again."
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved sletting av gruppe, ver venleg og prøv igjen."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:784
#, fuzzy
msgid "The group was deleted successfully"
msgstr "Gruppa vart sletta"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:835
#, fuzzy
msgid "A member invites you to join a group"
msgstr "Ein medlem inviterer deg til å verta medlem av ei gruppe"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:841
#, fuzzy
msgid "Group information is updated"
msgstr "Gruppeinformasjon oppdatert"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:847
#, fuzzy
msgid "You are promoted to a group administrator or moderator"
msgstr "Du er forfremma til gruppe-administrator eller -moderator"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-screens.php:853
#, fuzzy
msgid "A member requests to join a private group for which you are an admin"
msgstr "Ein medlem førespør medlemskap i ei privat gruppe som du er admin for"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-buddybar.php:16 bp-members/bp-members-buddybar.php:103
msgid "Admin Options"
msgstr "Administrer"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-buddybar.php:21
msgid "Group Settings"
msgstr "Gruppeinnstillingar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:171
msgctxt "Group pagination previous text"
msgid "&larr;"
msgstr ""
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:172
#, fuzzy
msgctxt "Group pagination next text"
msgid "&rarr;"
msgstr "Logg ut &rarr;"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:353
msgid "Public Group"
msgstr "Offentleg gruppe"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:355
msgid "Hidden Group"
msgstr "Skjult gruppe"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:357
msgid "Private Group"
msgstr "Privat gruppe"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:359
msgid "Group"
msgstr "Gruppe"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:389
#: bp-activity/bp-activity-template.php:992
#, fuzzy
msgid "Group logo of %s"
msgstr "Gruppemoderatorar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:431
msgid "not yet active"
msgstr "Ikkje aktiv enno"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:522
msgid "Private"
msgstr "Privat"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:572 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:595
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1034 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1050
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1099 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1115
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1795 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1804
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1813 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2519
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:488 bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:605
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:1192
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:484
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:780
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:800
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/admin.php:185
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/admin.php:210
#: bp-activity/bp-activity-template.php:897
#: bp-activity/bp-activity-template.php:1008
#: bp-activity/bp-activity-template.php:1017
msgid "Profile picture of %s"
msgstr ""
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:577
msgid "No Admins"
msgstr "Ingen administratorar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:604
msgid "No Mods"
msgstr "Ingen moderatorar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:686
msgid "Filter Groups"
msgstr "Filtrer grupper"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:736
msgid "Viewing group %1$s to %2$s (of %3$s groups)"
msgstr "Viser grupper %1$s til %2$s (av %3$s grupper)"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:764
msgid "%s member"
msgstr "%s medlem"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:766
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/groups/invites.php:14
msgid "%s members"
msgstr "%s medlemmar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:805
msgid "%d topic"
msgstr "%d emne"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:807
msgid "%d topics"
msgstr "%d emne"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:839 bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:684
msgid "%d post"
msgstr "%d innlegg"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:841 bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:686
msgid "%d posts"
msgstr "%d innlegg"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1041 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1106
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/admin.php:189
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/admin.php:215
msgid "Demote to Member"
msgstr "Nedgrader til medlem"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1054 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1119
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1888
#, fuzzy
msgid "joined %s"
msgstr "blei med for %s sidan"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1077
msgid "This group has no administrators"
msgstr "Denne gruppa har ingen administratorar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1105
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/admin.php:214
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/admin.php:270
msgid "Promote to Admin"
msgstr "Forfremja til administrator"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1139
msgid "This group has no moderators"
msgstr "Denne gruppa har ingen moderatorar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1293 bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:464
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:1263
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/messages/messages-loop.php:50
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/messages/single.php:24
#: bp-themes/bp-default/activity/comment.php:43
#: bp-activity/bp-activity-template.php:2004
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Slett"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1499 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1500
#: bp-themes/bp-default/forums/index.php:23
#: bp-themes/bp-default/forums/single/forum.php:19
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/forum.php:17
msgid "New Topic"
msgstr "Nytt emne"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1539 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1540
#: bp-themes/bp-default/_inc/ajax.php:482
msgid "Leave Group"
msgstr "Forlat gruppe"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1562 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1563
#: bp-themes/bp-default/_inc/ajax.php:504
msgid "Join Group"
msgstr "Vert med i gruppa"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1595 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1596
msgid "Request Sent"
msgstr "Førespurnad sendt"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1618
msgid ""
"This is a private group and you must request group membership in order to "
msgstr ""
"Dette er ei privat gruppe og du må spørja om gruppemedlemskap for å verta "
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1620
msgid ""
"This is a private group. To join you must be a registered site member and "
"request group membership."
msgstr ""
"Dette er ei privat gruppe. For å verta medlem må du vera ein registrert "
"brukar, og spørja om medlemskap."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1622
msgid ""
"This is a private group. Your membership request is awaiting approval from "
"the group administrator."
msgstr ""
"Dette er ei privat gruppe. Førespurnaden din om medlemskap ventar på svar "
"frå gruppeadministratoren."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1624
msgid "This is a hidden group and only invited members can join."
msgstr "Dette er ei skjult gruppe, berre inviterte kan verta medlem."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:1938
msgid "Viewing members %1$s to %2$s (of %3$s members)"
msgstr "Viser medlemmar %1$s til %2$s (av %3$s medlemmar)"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2164
msgid "Group avatar"
msgstr "Gruppeavatar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2277 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2300
msgid "Recently Joined"
msgstr "Nye medlem"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2278 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2303
msgid "Most Popular"
msgstr "Mest populære"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2279 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2306
msgid "Administrator Of"
msgstr "Administrator av"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2280 bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2309
msgid "Moderator Of"
msgstr "Moderator av"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2341
msgid "No Group Avatar"
msgstr "Ingen gruppeavatar"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2552
#, fuzzy
msgid "requested %s"
msgstr "Førespurnader"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-template.php:2736
#, fuzzy
msgid "Group Activity RSS Feed"
msgstr "Gruppeaktivitet RSS Straum"
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-functions.php:255
msgid "As the only Admin, you cannot leave the group."
msgstr "Som den einaste administratoren kan du ikkje forlata gruppa."
#: bp-groups/bp-groups-functions.php:513
msgid "%1$s posted an update in the group %2$s"
msgstr "%1$s la inn eit innlegg i gruppa %2$s"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-loader.php:135
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-loader.php:191
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:463 bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:1262
#: bp-themes/bp-default/functions.php:492
msgid "Edit"
msgstr "Rediger"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-loader.php:145
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-loader.php:198
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/profile/change-avatar.php:1
msgid "Change Avatar"
msgstr "Endre avatar"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-screens.php:85
msgid ""
"Please make sure you fill in all required fields in this profile field group "
"before saving."
msgstr ""
"Ver venleg og sjå at til du fyllar ut alle obligatoriske felt i denne gruppa "
"før du lagrar."
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-screens.php:111
msgid ""
"There was a problem updating some of your profile information, please try "
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ein feil ved oppdatering av profilinformasjonen din. Prøv igjen."
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-screens.php:165
msgid "There was a problem cropping your avatar, please try uploading it again"
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ein feil ved beskjering av avataren, ver venleg og prøv igjen."
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-screens.php:167
msgid "Your new avatar was uploaded successfully!"
msgstr "Den nye avataren din er lasta opp!"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:244
msgid "Please make sure you give the group a name."
msgstr "Ver venleg og sjå til at du gjev gruppa eit namn."
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:268
msgid "Add New Field Group"
msgstr "Legg til ei ny feltgruppe"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:270
#, fuzzy
msgid "Create Field Group"
msgstr "Opprett ei gruppe"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:272
msgid "Edit Field Group"
msgstr "Rediger feltgruppe"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:274
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/settings/notifications.php:62
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/settings/general.php:69
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/profile/edit.php:126
#: bp-themes/bp-default/forums/single/edit.php:57
#: bp-themes/bp-default/forums/single/edit.php:73
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/forum/edit.php:60
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/forum/edit.php:76
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/admin.php:32
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/admin.php:117
msgid "Save Changes"
msgstr "Lagra endringane"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:282
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:702
msgid "Fields marked * are required"
msgstr ""
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:293
#, fuzzy
msgid "Field Group Title"
msgstr "Namn på feltgruppe"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:301
msgid "Group Description"
msgstr "Gruppeskildring"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:311
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:759
msgid "or"
msgstr "eller"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:311
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:759
#: bp-themes/bp-default/forums/index.php:134
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Avbryt"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:619
msgid "Please enter options for this Field:"
msgstr "Ver venleg og legg inn val for dette feltet:"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:620
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/index.php:55
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/friends.php:20
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/groups.php:20
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/forums.php:18
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/blogs.php:19
#: bp-themes/bp-default/blogs/index.php:55
#: bp-themes/bp-default/forums/index.php:60
#: bp-themes/bp-default/forums/single/forum.php:34
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/index.php:57
#: bp-themes/bp-default/groups/single/forum.php:32
msgid "Order By:"
msgstr "Sorter på:"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:622
msgid "Order Entered"
msgstr "Sortert etter innlegging"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:623
msgid "Name - Ascending"
msgstr "Namn - stigande"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:624
msgid "Name - Descending"
msgstr "Namn - søkkande"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:651
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:668
msgid "Option"
msgstr "Val"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:653
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:669
msgid "Default Value"
msgstr "Standardverdi"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:675
msgid "Add Another Option"
msgstr "Legg til eit anna val"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:683
msgid "Add Field"
msgstr "Legg til felt"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:695
msgid "Edit Field"
msgstr "Rediger felt"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:715
msgid "Field Title"
msgstr "Felttittel"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:724
msgid "Field Description"
msgstr "Feltskildring"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:731
msgid "Is This Field Required?"
msgstr "Er dette feltet obligatorisk?"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:733
msgid "Not Required"
msgstr "Ikkje obligatorisk"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:734
msgid "Required"
msgstr "Obligatorisk"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:739
msgid "Field Type"
msgstr "Felttype"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:741
msgid "Text Box"
msgstr "Tekstboks"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:742
msgid "Multi-line Text Box"
msgstr "Multilinjeboks"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:743
msgid "Date Selector"
msgstr "Datoveljar"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:744
msgid "Radio Buttons"
msgstr "Alternativknappar"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:745
msgid "Drop Down Select Box"
msgstr "Nedtrekksliste"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:746
msgid "Multi Select Box"
msgstr "Fleirvalsboks"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:747
msgid "Checkboxes"
msgstr "Avkryssingsboksar"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:777
msgid "Please make sure you fill out all required fields."
msgstr "Ver venleg og sjå at til du fyllar ut alle obligatoriske felt."
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:780
msgid ""
"Radio button field types require at least one option. Please add options "
msgstr ""
"Alternativknappar krev minst eitt val. Ver venleg og legg til val under."
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:783
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:786
msgid ""
"Select box field types require at least one option. Please add options below."
msgstr ""
"Nedtrekkslister og fleirvalsboksar krev minst eit val. Ver venleg og legg "
"til val under."
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-classes.php:789
msgid ""
"Checkbox field types require at least one option. Please add options below."
msgstr "Avkrysningsfelt krev minst eit val. Ver venleg og legg til val under."
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:25
#, fuzzy
msgid "Profile Fields"
msgstr "Profildetaljar"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:74
#, fuzzy
msgid "Extended Profile Fields"
msgstr "Utvida profilar"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:76 bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:178
msgid "Add New Group"
msgstr "Legg til ny gruppe"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:79
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Your users will distinguish themselves through their profile page. You must "
"give them profile fields that allow them to describe themselves in a way "
"that is relevant to the theme of your social network."
msgstr ""
"Brukerene dine fortel om seg sjølv på profilsida si. Du må gje dei felt som "
"gjer det mogleg for dei å skildra seg sjølv på ein måte som er relevant for "
"nettstaden du driv."
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:80
msgid "NOTE: Any fields in the \"%s\" group will appear on the signup page."
msgstr ""
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:103 bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:399
msgid "(Primary)"
msgstr ""
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:120
msgid "Add New Field"
msgstr "Legg til nytt felt"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:121
#, fuzzy
msgid "Edit Group"
msgstr "Rediger feltgruppe"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:160
msgid "There are no fields in this group."
msgstr "Det er ingen felt i denne gruppa."
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:177
msgid "You have no groups."
msgstr "Du har ingen grupper."
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:209
msgid "There was an error saving the group. Please try again"
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved lagring av gruppa. Ver venleg og prøv igjen"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:212
msgid "The group was saved successfully."
msgstr "Gruppa vart lagra."
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:244
msgid "There was an error deleting the group. Please try again"
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved sletting av gruppa. Ver venleg og prøv igjen"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:247
msgid "The group was deleted successfully."
msgstr "Gruppa vart sletta."
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:288
msgid "There was an error saving the field. Please try again"
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved lagring av felt. Ver venleg og prøv igjen"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:294
msgid "The field was saved successfully."
msgstr "Feltet vart lagra."
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:324
msgid "field"
msgstr "felt"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:326
msgid "option"
msgstr "val"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:331
msgid "There was an error deleting the %s. Please try again"
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved sletting av %s. Ver venleg og prøv igjen"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:334
msgid "The %s was deleted successfully!"
msgstr "%s vart sletta!"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:399
#, fuzzy
msgid "(Required)"
msgstr "(obligatorisk)"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-admin.php:432
#: bp-themes/bp-default/registration/register.php:119
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/profile/edit.php:58
#: bp-themes/bp-default/members/single/profile/edit.php:73
msgid "Clear"
msgstr "Fjern"
#. translators: no option picked in select box
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:432
#: bp-themes/bp-default/forums/index.php:116
msgid "----"
msgstr ""
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:614
msgid "January"
msgstr "januar"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:614
msgid "February"
msgstr "februar"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:614
msgid "March"
msgstr "mars"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:615
msgid "April"
msgstr "april"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:615
msgid "May"
msgstr "mai"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:615
msgid "June"
msgstr "juni"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:616
msgid "July"
msgstr "juli"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:616
msgid "August"
msgstr "august"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:616
msgid "September"
msgstr "september"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:617
msgid "October"
msgstr "oktober"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:617
msgid "November"
msgstr "november"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:617
msgid "December"
msgstr "desember"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:750
msgid ""
"Avatar uploads are currently disabled. Why not use a <a href=\"http://"
"\" target=\"_blank\">gravatar</a> instead?"
msgstr "Opplasting av avatarar er slått av. Kvifor ikkje bruka ein <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">gravatar</a> i staden?"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:759
msgid "Profile not recently updated"
msgstr "Profil ikkje oppdatert i det siste"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:770
#, fuzzy
msgid "Profile updated %s"
msgstr "Profil ikkje oppdatert i det siste"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:813
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template.php:814
#: bp-members/bp-members-adminbar.php:110
msgid "Edit Profile"
msgstr "Rediger profil"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-activity.php:22
msgid "New member registered"
msgstr "Ny medlem registrert"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-activity.php:23
msgid "Updated Profile"
msgstr "Oppdatert profil"
#: bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-activity.php:128
msgid "%s changed their profile picture"
msgstr ""
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:30
msgid "Settings Saved."
msgstr "Innstillingar lagra."
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:46
msgid "(Installed)"
msgstr ""
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:46 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:163
#, fuzzy
msgid "Forums for Groups"
msgstr "Filtrer grupper"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:48 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:165
msgid ""
"Give each individual group its own discussion forum. Choose this if you'd "
"like to keep your members' conversations separated into distinct areas."
msgstr ""
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:49 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:166
#, fuzzy
msgid "You may use an existing bbPress installation if you have one."
msgstr "Eksisterande bbPress installasjon"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:51 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:69
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:168 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:187
msgid "Features"
msgstr ""
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:53 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:170
#, fuzzy
msgid "Group Integration"
msgstr "Gruppeskildring"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:54 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:171
msgid "Member Profile Integration"
msgstr ""
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:55 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:73
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:172 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:191
#, fuzzy
msgid "Activity Stream Integration"
msgstr "Aktivitetstraumar"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:56 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:74
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:173 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:192
msgid "@ Mention Integration"
msgstr ""
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:60
#, fuzzy
msgid "Uninstall Group Forums"
msgstr "Legg inn i gruppeforum:"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:65 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:183
msgid "New! Site Wide Forums"
msgstr ""
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:66 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:184
msgid ""
"Your site will have central forums that are not isolated to any specific "
"group. Choose this if you'd like to have a central forum area for your "
msgstr ""
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:67 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:185
msgid ""
"You may activate both Group and Site Wide forums, but this may create a poor "
"experience for your members."
msgstr ""
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:71 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:189
#, fuzzy
msgid "Central Discussion Area"
msgstr "Aktiver diskusjonsforum"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:72 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:190
msgid "Forum Plugins Available"
msgstr ""
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:77 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:195
msgid "Install Site Wide Forums"
msgstr ""
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:96
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"The bb-config.php file was not found at that location, please try again."
msgstr ""
"Fila bb-config.php vart ikkje funnet på den lokasjonen, ver venleg og prøv "
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:99
#, fuzzy
msgid "Forums were set up correctly using your existing bbPress install!"
msgstr ""
"Foruma vart sette opp riktig ved å bruka eksisterande bbPress-installasjon!"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:100
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"BuddyPress will now use its internal copy of bbPress to run the forums on "
"your site. If you wish, you can remove your old bbPress installation files, "
"as long as you keep the bb-config.php file in the same location."
msgstr ""
"BuddyPress vil no bruka ein intern kopi av bbPress for å køyra forumet på "
"siten din. Om du ynskjer, kan du fjerne dine gamle bbPress "
"installasjonsfiler, så lenge du held på bb-config.php fila i same lokasjon."
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:105
#, fuzzy
msgid "Existing bbPress Installation"
msgstr "Eksisterande bbPress installasjon"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:106
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"BuddyPress can make use of your existing bbPress install. Just provide the "
"location of your <code>bb-config.php</code> file, and BuddyPress will do the "
msgstr ""
"BuddyPress kan ta i bruk din eksisterande bbPress installasjon. Berre gje "
"lokasjon til din <code>bb-config.php</code> og BuddyPress vil gjera resten."
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:108 bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:140
#, fuzzy
msgid "Complete Installation"
msgstr "Ferdigstill installasjon"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:124
msgid ""
"<p>All done! Configuration settings have been saved to the file <code>bb-"
"config.php</code> in the root of your WordPress install.</p>"
msgstr ""
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:128
msgid ""
"<p>A configuration file could not be created. No problem, but you will need "
"to save the text shown below into a file named <code>bb-config.php</code> in "
"the root directory of your WordPress installation before you can start using "
"the forum functionality.</p>"
msgstr ""
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:137
#, fuzzy
msgid "New bbPress Installation"
msgstr "Ny bbPress installasjon"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:138
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"You've decided to set up a new installation of bbPress for forum management "
"in BuddyPress. This is very simple and is usually just a one click\n"
"\t\t\t\tprocess. When you're ready, hit the link below."
msgstr ""
"Du har valt å setja opp ein ny installasjon av bbPress for forum-styring i "
"BuddyPress. Det er veldig enkelt og krev vanlegvis berre eitt klikk\n"
"\t\t\t\tNår du er klår, klikk lenkja under."
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:150
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"bbPress files were not found. To install the forums component you must "
"download a copy of bbPress and make sure it is in the folder: \"%s\""
msgstr ""
"Filene for bbPress vart ikkje funne. For å installera forumkomponentet må du "
"lasta ned ein kopi av bbPress og vera sikker på at han er i katalogen: \"%s"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:177
#, fuzzy
msgid "Install Group Forums"
msgstr "Legg inn i gruppeforum:"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-admin.php:178
#, fuzzy
msgid "Use Existing Installation"
msgstr "Eksisterande bbPress installasjon"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-loader.php:61
msgid "Search Forums..."
msgstr "Søk i forum …"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-loader.php:135 bp-forums/bp-forums-loader.php:201
msgid "Topics Started"
msgstr "Emne starta"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-loader.php:146
msgid "Replied To"
msgstr "Svart på"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-loader.php:208
msgid "Replies"
msgstr "Svar"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-loader.php:215
msgid "Favorite Topics"
msgstr "Favorittemne"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:189 bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:405
msgctxt "Forum topic pagination previous text"
msgid "&larr;"
msgstr ""
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:190 bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:406
#, fuzzy
msgctxt "Forum topic pagination next text"
msgid "&rarr;"
msgstr "Logg ut &rarr;"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:506 bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:568
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:1208
msgid "Deleted User"
msgstr "Sletta brukar"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:586
msgid "Group logo for %s"
msgstr "Gruppelogo for %s"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:792
msgid "Edit Topic"
msgstr "Rediger emne"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:796
msgid "Sticky Topic"
msgstr "Fast emne"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:798
msgid "Un-stick Topic"
msgstr "Gjer emnet ikkje-fast"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:801
msgid "Open Topic"
msgstr "Opna emne"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:803
msgid "Close Topic"
msgstr "Lukk emne"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:805
msgid "Delete Topic"
msgstr "Slett emne"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:960
msgid " matching tag \"%s\""
msgstr " passar merkelapp «%s»"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:962
#, fuzzy
msgid "Viewing topic %s to %s (of %s total topics%s)"
msgstr "Viser innlegg %1$s til %2$s (%3$s totale innlegg)"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:1044
msgctxt "Forum thread pagination previous text"
msgid "&larr;"
msgstr ""
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:1045
#, fuzzy
msgctxt "Forum thread pagination next text"
msgid "&rarr;"
msgstr "Logg ut &rarr;"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-template.php:1293
msgid "Viewing post %1$s to %2$s (%3$s total posts)"
msgstr "Viser innlegg %1$s til %2$s (%3$s totale innlegg)"
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-screens.php:13
msgid "The forums component has not been set up yet."
msgstr "Forumkomponenten er ikkje sett opp enno."
#: bp-forums/bp-forums-screens.php:56 bp-forums/bp-forums-screens.php:61
msgid "Please pick the group forum where you would like to post this topic."
msgstr "Ver venleg og vel forumgruppa kor du vil skriva dette emnet."
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-loader.php:24
msgid "Private Messages"
msgstr "Private meldingar …"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-loader.php:79
msgid "Search Messages..."
msgstr "Sende meldingar …"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-loader.php:96
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-actions.php:41
msgid "Messages <span>%s</span>"
msgstr "Meldingar <span>%s</span>"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-loader.php:114
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-loader.php:182
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-functions.php:237
msgid "Inbox"
msgstr "Innboks"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-loader.php:124
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-loader.php:203
msgid "Sent"
msgstr "Sendt"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-loader.php:134
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-loader.php:210
msgid "Compose"
msgstr "Skriv"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-loader.php:145
msgid "Notices"
msgstr "Varsel"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-loader.php:178
msgid "Messages <span class=\"count\">%s</span>"
msgstr "Meldingar <span class=\"count\">%s</span>"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-loader.php:179
msgid "Inbox <span class=\"count\">%s</span>"
msgstr "Innboks <span class=\"count\">%s</span>"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-loader.php:181
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-screens.php:149
msgid "Messages"
msgstr "Meldingar"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-loader.php:218
msgid "All Member Notices"
msgstr "Alle medlemsvarsel"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-loader.php:237
msgid "My Messages"
msgstr "Meldingane mine"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:75
msgctxt "Message pagination previous text"
msgid "&larr;"
msgstr ""
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:76
#, fuzzy
msgctxt "Message pagination next text"
msgid "&rarr;"
msgstr "Logg ut &rarr;"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:343
msgid "Viewing message %1$s to %2$s (of %3$s messages)"
msgstr "Viser melding %1$s til %2$s (av %3$s meldingar)"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:401
msgid "Select:"
msgstr "Vel:"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:404
msgid "Read"
msgstr "Lesne"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:405
msgid "Unread"
msgstr "Ulesne"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:406
msgid "All"
msgstr "Alle"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:409
msgid "Mark as Read"
msgstr "Merk som lesne"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:410
msgid "Mark as Unread"
msgstr "Merk som ulesne"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:412
msgid "Delete Selected"
msgstr "Slett valde"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:421
msgid "Currently Active"
msgstr "Aktive i augneblunken"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:496
msgid "Deactivate"
msgstr "Deaktiver"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:547
#: bp-themes/bp-default/functions.php:155
msgid "Close"
msgstr "Lukk"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:591
msgid "Send a private message to this user."
msgstr "Send ei privat melding til denne brukaren."
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:592
msgid "Private Message"
msgstr "Privat melding"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:780
msgid "%d Recipients"
msgstr "%d mottakarar"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-template.php:855
#: bp-themes/bp-default/_inc/ajax.php:543
msgid "Sent %s"
msgstr "Sendt %s"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-actions.php:30
msgid "Your reply was sent successfully"
msgstr "Svaret ditt vart sendt"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-actions.php:32
msgid "There was a problem sending your reply, please try again"
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ein feil ved sending av svaret ditt, ver venleg og prøv igjen"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-actions.php:48
msgid "From: %s"
msgstr "Frå: %s"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-actions.php:78
msgid "There was an error deleting that message."
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved sletting av meldinga."
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-actions.php:80
msgid "Message deleted."
msgstr "Melding sletta."
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-actions.php:102
msgid "There was an error deleting messages."
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved sletting av meldingane."
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-actions.php:104
#: bp-themes/bp-default/_inc/ajax.php:609
msgid "Messages deleted."
msgstr "Meldingar sletta."
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-classes.php:203
msgid " Recipients"
msgstr "Mottakarar"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-screens.php:54
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-screens.php:76
#, fuzzy
msgid "There was an error sending that message, please try again"
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved sending av melding, ver venleg og prøv igjen"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-screens.php:59
msgid "Notice sent successfully!"
msgstr "Varselet vart sendt!"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-screens.php:62
msgid "There was an error sending that notice, please try again"
msgstr ""
"Det oppstod ei melding ved sending av varselet, ver venleg og prøv igjen"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-screens.php:73
msgid "Message sent successfully!"
msgstr "Melding sendt!"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-screens.php:100
msgid "There was a problem deactivating that notice."
msgstr "Det oppstod eit problem ved deaktivering av varselet."
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-screens.php:102
msgid "Notice deactivated."
msgstr "Varsel deaktivert."
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-screens.php:106
msgid "There was a problem activating that notice."
msgstr "Det oppstod eit problem ved aktivering av varselet."
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-screens.php:108
msgid "Notice activated."
msgstr "Varsel aktivert."
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-screens.php:112
msgid "There was a problem deleting that notice."
msgstr "Det oppstod eit problem ved sletting av varselet."
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-screens.php:114
msgid "Notice deleted."
msgstr "Varsel sletta."
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-screens.php:158
msgid "A member sends you a new message"
msgstr "Ein medlem har sendt deg ei ny melding"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-screens.php:164
msgid "A new site notice is posted"
msgstr "Eit nytt nettstadvarsel er lagt inn"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-notifications.php:30
msgid "New message from %s"
msgstr "Ny melding frå %s"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-notifications.php:32
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"%s sent you a new message:\n"
"Subject: %s\n"
"To view and read your messages please log in and visit: %s\n"
msgstr ""
"%s sende deg ei ny melding:\n"
"Emne: %s\n"
"For å sjå meldinga, ver venleg og logg inn og vitj: %s\n"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-functions.php:48
msgid "Re: %s"
msgstr "Sv: %s"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-functions.php:56
msgid "No Subject"
msgstr "Inga emne"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-functions.php:240
msgid "You have %d new messages"
msgstr "Du har %d nye meldingar"
#: bp-messages/bp-messages-functions.php:243
msgid "You have %d new message"
msgstr "Du har %d ny melding"
#: bp-members/bp-members-adminbar.php:55
msgid "Log in"
msgstr "Logg inn"
#: bp-members/bp-members-adminbar.php:127
#: bp-members/bp-members-buddybar.php:116
msgid "Mark as Spammer"
msgstr "Merk som spammar"
#: bp-members/bp-members-adminbar.php:129
msgid "Are you sure you want to mark this user as a spammer?"
msgstr ""
#: bp-members/bp-members-adminbar.php:135
#: bp-members/bp-members-buddybar.php:120
msgid "Not a Spammer"
msgstr "Ikkje ein spammar"
#: bp-members/bp-members-adminbar.php:137
msgid "Are you sure you want to mark this user as not a spammer?"
msgstr ""
#: bp-members/bp-members-adminbar.php:147
msgid "Are you sure you want to delete this user's account?"
msgstr ""
#: bp-members/bp-members-adminbar.php:165
msgid ""
"Notifications <span id=\"ab-pending-notifications\" class=\"pending-count\">"
msgstr ""
#: bp-members/bp-members-adminbar.php:190
msgid "No new notifications"
msgstr "Ingen nye varsel"
#: bp-members/bp-members-actions.php:87
msgid "User marked as spammer. Spam users are visible only to site admins."
msgstr ""
"Brukar markert som spammar. Spam-brukarar er berre synlege for "
#: bp-members/bp-members-actions.php:89
msgid "User removed as spammer."
msgstr "Brukaren er ikkje lenger merka som spammar."
#: bp-members/bp-members-actions.php:136
msgid "%s has been deleted from the system."
msgstr "%s har vorte sletta frå systemet."
#: bp-members/bp-members-actions.php:138
msgid "There was an error deleting %s from the system. Please try again."
msgstr "Det oppstod ein feil ved sletting av %s. Ver venleg og prøv igjen"
#: bp-members/bp-members-buddybar.php:34
msgid "No new notifications."
msgstr "Ingen nye varsel."
#: bp-members/bp-members-buddybar.php:62
msgid "Blog Authors"
msgstr "Bloggforfattarar"
#: bp-members/bp-members-buddybar.php:108
msgid "Edit %s's Profile"
msgstr "Rediger profilen til %s"
#: bp-members/bp-members-buddybar.php:112
msgid "Edit %s's Avatar"
msgstr "Rediger avataren til %s"
#: bp-members/bp-members-buddybar.php:124
msgid "Delete %s's Account"
msgstr "Slett kontoen til %s"
#: bp-members/bp-members-loader.php:70
msgid "Search Members..."
msgstr ""
#: bp-members/bp-members-loader.php:177
msgid "You"
msgstr ""
#: bp-members/bp-members-functions.php:671
msgid "<strong>ERROR</strong>: Your account has been marked as a spammer."
msgstr ""
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:57
msgid "Please make sure you enter your password twice"
msgstr "Ver venleg og sjå til at du tastar inn passordet to gonger."
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:61
msgid "The passwords you entered do not match."
msgstr "Passorda du tasta inn var ikkje like."
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:84
msgid "This is a required field"
msgstr "Dette feltet er obligatorisk"
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:197
msgid "Your account is now active!"
msgstr "Kontoen din er no aktiv!"
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:306
msgid "Please enter a username"
msgstr "Ver venleg og tast inn eit brukarnamn"
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:317
msgid "Only lowercase letters and numbers allowed"
msgstr "Berre små bokstavar og nummer er tillate."
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:320
msgid "Username must be at least 4 characters"
msgstr "Brukarnamnet må vera minst 4 teikn"
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:323
msgid "Sorry, usernames may not contain the character \"_\"!"
msgstr "Orsak, brukarnamnet kan ikkje innehalda teiknet «_»!"
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:330
msgid "Sorry, usernames must have letters too!"
msgstr "Orsak, brukarnamn må ha bokstavar òg!"
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:333
msgid "Please check your email address."
msgstr "Ver venleg og sjekk epostadressa di."
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:336 bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:344
msgid "Sorry, that email address is not allowed!"
msgstr "Orsak, den epostadressa er ugyldig!"
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:349
msgid "Sorry, that username already exists!"
msgstr "Orsak, brukarnamnet finst allereie!"
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:353
msgid "Sorry, that email address is already used!"
msgstr "Orsak, den epostadressa er allereie i bruk!"
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:392
msgid ""
"<strong>ERROR</strong>: Couldn&#8217;t register you... please contact the <a "
"href=\"mailto:%s\">webmaster</a> !"
msgstr ""
"<strong>FEIL</strong>: Kunne ikkje registrera deg. Ver venleg og ta kontakt "
"med <a href=\"mailto:%s\">nettredaktøren</a>."
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:477 bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:481
msgid "Invalid activation key"
msgstr "Ugyldig aktiveringsnøkkel"
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:521
msgid "%s became a registered member"
msgstr "%s vart ein registrert medlem"
#: bp-members/bp-members-signup.php:595
msgid ""
"<strong>ERROR</strong>: Your account has not been activated. Check your "
"email for the activation link."
msgstr ""
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:212
msgctxt "Member pagination previous text"
msgid "&larr;"
msgstr ""
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:213
msgctxt "Member pagination next text"
msgid "&rarr;"
msgstr "&rarr;"
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:354
msgid "Viewing member %1$s to %2$s (of %3$s active members)"
msgstr "Ser på medlem %1$s til %2$s (av %3$s aktive medlemmar)"
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:356
msgid "Viewing member %1$s to %2$s (of %3$s members with friends)"
msgstr "Ser på medlem %1$s til %2$s (av %3$s medlemmar med vener)"
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:358
msgid "Viewing member %1$s to %2$s (of %3$s members online)"
msgstr "Ser på medlem %1$s til %2$s (av %3$s pålogga medlemmar)"
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:360
msgid "Viewing member %1$s to %2$s (of %3$s members)"
msgstr "Ser på medlem %1$s til %2$s (av %3$s medlemmar)"
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:561
msgid "Never active"
msgstr "Aldri aktiv"
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:583
msgctxt "member latest update in member directory"
msgid "- &quot;%s &quot;"
msgstr ""
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:640
msgid "registered %s"
msgstr "registrerte %s"
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:1091
msgid "Your Avatar"
msgstr "Din avatar"
#: bp-members/bp-members-template.php:1159
msgid "Activity RSS Feed"
msgstr "RSS-straum av aktivitet"
#: bp-themes/bp-default/index.php:24 bp-themes/bp-default/attachment.php:18
#: bp-themes/bp-default/search.php:26 bp-themes/bp-default/archive.php:24
#: bp-themes/bp-default/single.php:16
msgctxt "Post written by..."
msgid "by %s"
msgstr "av %s"
#: bp-themes/bp-default/index.php:27
msgctxt "Sticky post"
msgid "Featured"
msgstr ""
#: bp-themes/bp-default/index.php:32 bp-themes/bp-default/attachment.php:22</