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Norwegian localisation of Emacs Calendar

Based on http://bigwalter.net/daniel/elisp/sv-kalender.el v.1.8 by Daniel Jensen.


Put it somewhere in your load-path, then put something like this in your ~/.emacs:

;; Localises date format, weekdays, months, lunar/solar names:
(require 'calendar-norway)
;; Set what holidays you want in your calendar:
(setq calendar-holidays
    ;; Include days where you don't have to work:
    ;; Include other days that people celebrate:
    ;; Include daylight savings time:
    ;; And then you can add some non-Norwegian holidays etc. if you like:
    '((holiday-fixed 3 17 "St. Patricksdag")
      (holiday-fixed 10 31 "Hallowe'en")
      (holiday-float 11 4 4 "Thanksgiving")

If you just want “red calendar days” and the Norwegian date formats, the following would be enough:

;; Localise date format, weekdays, months, lunar/solar names:
(require 'calendar-norway nil 'noerror)
;; Show days where you don't have to work:
(setq calendar-holidays calendar-norway-raude-dagar)

Note: requiring this package changes some settings that you may have already touched in your ~/.emacs (e.g. calendar-date-display-form), see the top of the file for what it does.

I highly recommend calfw if you want a great-looking Emacs calendar that works with diary/org-mode/icalendar/howm/etc.


Probably. Patches welcome.