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In Emacs, this file should be read in -*- Outline -*- mode.

* Introduction

This directory contains the Emacs mode for Scala programs. This mode
works only in GNU Emacs 21.1 or later. In particular, it doesn't work
on any version of XEmacs, or any 20.x version of GNU Emacs.

The mode is currently very basic, and offers:

*** Basic syntax highlighting.
*** Primitive automatic indentation.
*** Support for interaction with the Scala interpreter.
*** Minor mode for inserting ([{" in pairs.
*** Tags support in Scala mode for creating, loading and completion using tags files.
    The current implementation works with exuberant ctags (
    Please see the contrib/ directory for more information.
*** Simple interaction with speedbar with support for scala files.
    Using the speedbar it is possible to get an overview of the scala
    files and using the emacs tags support, to get an overview of the
    tags in a scala file.
    For this to work please install CEDET (
*** The Scala mode has been cleaned up to work better with yasnippet from
    ( This replaces the old template stuff
    and the work on scaladoc.

* Installation

Put all ".el" files in a location where Emacs can find them, i.e. a
directory appearing in the "load-path" variable.

  (add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/some/directory/scala-mode")

It is recommended, but not required to compile all ".el" files to
".elc" files. This will improve load time in emacs of the scala
mode. On Linux/UNIX simply run "make" in the scala mode directory.

Add the following line to your Emacs startup file, usually "~/.emacs":

  (require 'scala-mode-auto)

If you want to use yasnippets with the scala mode there are some things you need to do.
First of all install yasnippets from (the non-bundle version)

Now add the following to your .emacs file to pick up the scala snippets

  (setq yas/my-directory "/path/to/some/directory/scala-mode/contrib/yasnippet/snippets")
  (yas/load-directory yas/my-directory)

And then add this to your .emacs file

  (add-hook 'scala-mode-hook
            '(lambda ()

Restart Emacs or evaluate the above line.

From that point on, loading a file whose name ends in ".scala"
automatically turns Scala mode on. It can also be turned on manually
using the "scala-mode" command. 

The get the best expirience from using the scala mode in emacs, please
visit the costumization options for the scala mode.

* Future plans

See FUTURE file for a list of future enhancements to the scala emacs
mode. If there is something missing, please post comment on

* Version

$Id: README 16681 2008-12-01 22:17:46Z nielsen $
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